5 benefits of team building activities for work

Les bienfaits du team building

What is team building?

Team building is an activity, or a series of activities that helps ensure all the members of a team are working together efficiently and getting along. Team building exercises come in an array of different forms, from one off activities, to whole day activities, to entire retreats.

Team building activities are often adopted by corporate businesses who want to create a healthy work environment for their employees and team members as a way to help them bond. 

There is no set way in which team building must occur, it can be adapted to the needs and preferences of a company. There is also not one specific group of people of which team building is catered towards. Whether you are a sports group, a work group, or really any kind of a team, engaging in team building exercises can help improve your overall relations. 

Why is team building important?

Team building is important for various reasons, but one of the main reasons it is important is due to the fact that it helps foster social relations by developing multiple skills and qualities that are needed to assemble a coherent and effective team. 

Many companies are unwilling to invest money for team building activities due to the cost that it can incur. However, they are usually unaware of the sheer volume of benefits that it can provide. 

From improved communication amongst employees, to enhanced problem-solving skills, team building is important to improve relations and skills within your team. Moreover, it provides teams with an opportunity to bond that they otherwise wouldn’t get as it gives them a platform outside of work to feel more comfortable with each other. 

How does team building improve performance?

Team building improves performance as the combination of skills that it develops all work together to achieve increased productivity levels. As team building improves communication skills and collaborative skills, that works to improve performance.

Team building activities allow teams to work better together by helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day, if you are able to improve the relationship between members of your team, everything else will follow and fall into place.

5 benefits of corporate team building activities

1. Improves communication

On the top of any list of qualities employers look for in job candidates is communication skills. You cannot thrive in the working world without being able to effectively and efficiently communicate with your colleagues. This is even more important when working amongst a team. 

When partaking in team building events, communication is inherently woven into the fabric of the activities. You won’t get very far if you can’t communicate with your team so you will need to learn how to adapt and work with each other in order to achieve a successful outcome in your activity. 

2. Highlights leadership qualities

If you really want to make the most of the team building exercises, it is best to do so just before a big promotion is due. Not only will your employees all be on their best behavior, but it will also help you identify who deserves it the most. 

Work done aside, team building activities provide you with insights into how your team members act outside the working environment and who are the natural leaders. You will be able to see who takes charge, who does so in the best, most approachable way, and who other team members gravitate towards the most. 

3. Improves problem solving skills

Problem solving skills are necessary to be successful in the workforce, and team building exercises help develop these skills. Being exposed to new activities will force team members into new situations which will encourage them to come up with new, innovative and creative ways to solve problems that they have never encountered before. 

4. Improves company culture

The improvements to company culture and the working environment are key benefits to team building activities that cannot be overlooked. Team building activities help build trust and elevate relationships within the team. 

This works to bring your team together in a new and exciting way that brings them out of their comfort zone and their routine working environment. Partaking in team building activities allows your employees to develop relationships outside of the office, and be friends not just colleagues, which helps create a more comprehensive and effective working environment. 

5. Improves mental and physical health

Organizing team building activity days or even weekend retreats regularly and making it a part of corporate life for your employees will ensure they are given the opportunity to exert their energy in a fun and productive way. 

It gives them a platform to get out of the office and engage in some useful physical activity which they might not usually find the time for normally. However, if you make it part of their time table, they can look forward to their endorphins buzzing when they get the chance to engage in these exercises. 

In addition, these events also improve the mental health of employees as it gives them a much needed break from the intensity of work. Not only this, but it also provides an opportunity to have a break from their normal routine. Team members are put into an environment where they can clear their heads and have a good time, whilst also maybe boosting their confidence and interpersonal relationships. 

Ideas of team building activities for work

Now that you’re aware of the benefits and the importance of team building in the workplace, here are some unique team building ideas:

Escape Rooms

Although a favorite amongst friendship groups and families, escape rooms are also a brilliant team building activity. It gives your team members the chance to engage their brains in a fun and exciting way that removes them from the monotony of the office. They have a common goal they have to work towards and it gives workers the chance to adopt leadership roles and develop problem solving and communication skills.

Board Games

Although not as physical as the traditional team building exercises you’d expect, board games are a brilliant low-budget team building activity which workers can enjoy on a more regular basis. 

Board games promote critical and logical thinking skills and are a fun way to compete with colleagues without getting overly competitive. Overall, they are a great low budget team building option that brings people together.  

Virtual team building

Since the pandemic, most working environments have been virtual or remote. This therefore made team building exercises almost impossible in a time where people needed to feel connected more than ever. This is where virtual team building came in. 

These virtual team building exercises take place over a technological medium such as zoom so that everyone can be involved. They are innovative and creative activities that have been thoroughly thought out by their creators and offer the same level of intensity and high stakes as regular team building exercises. 

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Want to organize a team building?

If you are interested in organizing a unique team building adapted to your company’s needs, Coeur à l’ouvrage is the perfect company to help you do that. We offer both virtual and hybrid team building activities, making them extremely accessible. If your employees cannot facilitate any form of in-person contact, they can still enjoy a fully immersive team building experience from their home with the help of technology. 

Our team offers you a fully comprehensive package. We talk all the participants through the technological aspects of the activities before they begin in order to ensure everyone can participate effortlessly. We also present a teaser of the activity alongside a technological master class to give everyone a taste of what they’re about to experience. 

Once the team has completed the activity, they will have the opportunity to debrief and reflect on their experience. This portion of the day can also include a photo and video montage of the entire experience, so that participants can hold on to the memories they created. 

Ultimately, team building exercises are integral in order to create a healthy working environment whilst also developing key soft skills that are required in the workplace. The pandemic and the social distancing measures that have been implemented should not mean your employees miss out on these important experiences. 

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