The missing player is a hybrid team building that takes place outdoors and whose content is customized to the company. Teams can be geographically distributed in different locations (or not) but the members of the same team must be physically gathered.

This is a cooperative game where the goal is to rescue a valuable member of your company who has been kidnapped. You will have 90 minutes, in teams of 3 to 6 players, to complete physical, cognitive and social challenges. All activities are performed directly on the players’ smartphones through our mobile application and players will have to be ready to move around to advance the game.


A member of your organization has been kidnapped by a criminal organization led by an unorthodox character called “The Goalie”.

The kidnapper threaten to torture your colleague if the employees do not carry out his demands to the letter. To do this, the employees will have to show courage, cooperation and not be afraid of ridicule! Fortunately for you, inspector Samson of the Tactical Forces is leading a large police operation to assist you.

Between the criminal’s outlandish demands and the tactical forces’ risky missions, will your employees succeed to find their colleague in one piece?


A few days before your team building activity, we inform your employees that a kidnapping could occur in the next few days within your organization. Through videos and a newspaper article, they learn who the perpetrator is, what his intentions are, and why your company could be the Goalie’s next target.

This is a great way to create mystery, excitement and speculation for your event!