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Virtual Office Party Plan A Remote Office Party That Everyone Can Enjoy!

Beyond services and products sold or the money being made, the greatest wealth of a company is the staff. A company with engaged and motivated employees working for them has a greater workforce and can give it a massive competitive advantage in its market and towards its competition. Although, it can be hard to create that morale in the office, and this is all the more true in these times of social distancing and remote working.

In these new times, all the methods of connecting and socialising between colleagues at work are gone – for example, hanging around and chatting in the office kitchen or lunch breaks with your “best work friend” – now all of these things must be replaced by other activities, otherwise, you risk your employees drifting further apart and your teamwork and morale crumbles, and office productivity won’t be far behind.

Take advantage of spare work time and offer virtual office parties to your colleagues and keep the team engaged, happy, and motivated as well as relieve the stress of the past work week or month.

What is a virtual party for your office?

A virtual office party is a group activity that uses different technologies to virtually bring together employees who work remotely around fun, collaborative and engaging concepts in order to forge stronger links between them. It is above all a celebration.

For KRONOS Experience, we make sure that this technological solution won’t mean that your staff will have to passively assist to some kind of entertainment from behind their computer screens but in fact, quite the opposite! We use technological solutions that allow participants to be virtually together, to collaborate, to have fun… while being physically ACTIVE and even take a breath of fresh air!

Business people drink beer after work. Businessmen enjoy a beer at a pub
Business people drink beer after work. Businessmen enjoy a beer at a pub

Why organize a virtual work party for teams working remotely?

In a time where remote working has become a “new normal”, it hasn’t been easy for employers and employees alike to keep up productivity, team morale, motivation, and even more difficult to keep in contact with colleagues and friends as well as you did. These new working conditions entail the risk of drifting colleagues apart and affecting their work as a team.

In addition, according to a mass of studies across the world in 2020 in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, almost half of workers suffer from a high level of loneliness and decreased mental health when working from home, which is characterized in particular by sleep deprivation and decreased performance at work. These findings demonstrate the importance of bringing teams back together around positive, social and fun activities such as team building and office parties.

There are many positive reasons why you should organize a virtual office party for your work team

Offer your workers an opportunity to have fun in a relaxed setting. This moment represents for them a form of thanks and gratitude for all of their hard work
Create a corporate event that everyone will remember where new anecdotes will emerge
Allow your employees to rediscover themselves in a non-professional context
Strengthen the links within your team
Foster pleasure and pride in the position they hold
Develop feelings of mutual aid and solidarity that will help release the pressure
Boost office morale and watch how much better your work as a team will be because of this
Allow colleagues to get to know each other properly and not just “the guys that work in the other department”

What will each employee need to take part in the office party?

Each player should have:

  • A mobile device in addition to a computer with a web camera
  • Headphones with a microphone for your mobile device.
  • Paper and pencil/pen
  • Outdoor clothing! Because some parts of the event or activities may be outside!

So, how does our
Virtual Office Party Work?

Virtual Party ideas for after your Kronos Experience session ends to give you a head start on keeping the party going as long as you want!

Set up a virtual games night!
Whether you stay on ZOOM and join in on an online monopoly game or if your work colleagues are also a top gaming squad keep in contact with ZOOM whilst you play!
Have a pub quiz!
Who’s the smartest in the team? There really is only one way to find out! Write up a pub trivia or get one online or on an app!
Team happy hour!
What better way to end the party or team building activity than with a beer… or 5 in a virtual happy hour!
Virtual Pub Crawl

There are a few ways to do this, you can all store different drinks from different regions/countries and work your way around them all! Or, view different entertaining websites/videos every 15 minutes or so and have a new drink every time you change!

Friendly Competitions
Compete in simple and funny competitions that everyone can join such as a speed typing contest or who has the weirdest desk accessory at their home office!