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Bring your school's classes together in an unforgettable futuristic and virtual competition!

Wherever you are on the planet, take part in our active virtual shows!

KRONOS EXPERIENCE has created a futuristic parallel universe filled with fascinating characters to promote healthy lifestyle habits among 5 to 12-year-olds. This fantastic, technological universe, both funny and realistic, leads to curiosity and mobilization around the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits of kids.

The concept is rather simple. In a future not so far from our time, humanity is facing serious problems. Physical inactivity and unhealthy lifestyles are compromising both human health and survival.

Thanks to the efforts of the space-time agency KRONOS, the situation is improving. Its agents have gone back in time several times to influence the behaviour of young people through school shows offered in primary/elementary schools. This time, the Agency is using virtual methods to save humanity, making its interventions more accessible than ever to French-speaking schools around the world. (Don’t worry, the Agency is preparing its agents to visit English speaking schools as well!)

If you are a dynamic school, your students are charismatic and your teachers are committed then the KRONOS Agency needs you!


So, what’s involved in our Virtual show?

Our activities take place in 3 stages: The Auditions, The Live Event and The Souvenir.

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KRONOS Squad’s Mission BreakdownSaving the World Through Virtual Shows

All the details you need to know about the KRONOS Squad and why they need your help

In a little more than a hundred years, the rapid evolution of technology will make our daily life considerably different. Teleportation will be so well established that travel, however small, will be greatly facilitated by these technologies. Physical effort and active travel will be less and less valued… and this has a truly negative impact on human health. Seeing the situation worsen, the Space-Time Agency has decided to concentrate its intervention efforts at the source, i.e. in the past. By changing the behaviour of the young people of our time, they will influence future generations as they age. KRONOS agency has always believed in the butterfly effect: a chain of significant events that follow one another and whose precedent influences the next. This is its method of intervention. One school at a time, in the four corners of the planet, to change the future of humanity.

Do our shows
work virtually?

Teachers and parents, we know what you’re thinking: Will the kids pay attention to the screen? Will it work? We know video and virtual learning can be tough but don’t worry, we’ve got it covered and have active virtual learning down to a T!

In the popular conception, virtual shows are often compared to the broadcast of a conventional show, but one that is presented live on the screen. However, in the case of our virtual school shows, things are done differently. Before the live event, the classes are asked to do 5 preparatory workshops in which the teachers take pictures and videos of the students doing their workshops. It is exactly at this moment that the magic happens, that the spirit of competition between the classes is established and that the feverishness and excitement grow among the students.

It is only during the live event (the virtual school show) that the students realize that they have become the stars of a futuristic television show and that they see themselves on the big screen. Using footage provided by the teachers, we create customized videos for each participating school. Imagine the excitement of seeing themselves on-screen with professional actors. What’s more, the host can interact live with the classes during the show! You have to admit that this is a far cry from any conventional virtual school show!