Safari cocktail

The human beings are fascinating animals. At first glance, they are docile and adopt civilized behaviors. But when they find themselves in “cocktail mode” outside their usual professional environment, they can reveal unexpected colors. Find out which intriguing specimens will be present at your event!

Safari Cocktail is a turnkey activity that is completely standalone and easily coordinated. Thanks to our simple and intuitive mobile application, participants complete numerous challenges that push them to connect with the other guests. Augmented reality photos and fun videos are generated by the participants throughout the activity, allowing you to show the results of your efforts on a large screen.

Halfway between an icebreaker, a photo safari and a photobooth, SAFARI COCKTAIL is an extraordinary human experience. You will be surprised to awaken the rare species within your colleagues!


Affordable activity, 100% autonomous and without any facilitator. All you have to do is present your guests with a short video, a QR code and that’s it! Context and instructions are summarized in less than 2 minutes in this humorous thematic video.

Whether it’s for a happy hour or to spice up your conference or networking group, you’ve never seen so much lively discussion in so little time!

  • For groups of 10 to 1000 employees
  • Lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on your needs
  • Available in 2 languages – French and English
  • Adaptable to all environments (indoor and/or outdoor)s


Videos and augmented reality photos are added throughout the activity to allow you to show the fruits of your efforts on a large screen.