Business people drink beer after work. Businessmen enjoy a beer at a pub

Virtual Happy Hour - Grab A Virtual Drink With Friends And Get Everyone Involved For Happy Hour!

With bars and restaurants having been closed most of the time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have all had to resort to connecting online but it just hasn’t been the same, until now… what if we told you that KRONOS Experience could change that?

Here at KRONOS Experience, we can set up a virtual happy hour party for you and your friends or colleagues that will make you feel like you are partying in the same room just like you used to! We can set up all of this with original and engaging concepts that will get your team immersed in fascinating adventures that will get them to collaborate, have fun, rack their brains and develop their competitive side towards their colleagues!

So, what is a Virtual Happy Hour?

Just like a normal happy hour but from home and with people from anywhere around the world, at any time!

A virtual happy hour is an activity that uses the newest technology to virtually bring people and employees together who work remotely, as they would in a bar in normal circumstances, to build links between them around fun, collaborative and unifying activities that usually revolve around drinking, hence the happy hour term.

For KRONOS Experience, we have adapted this experience so that your staff will not have to remain behind their computer screens, it’s actually the complete opposite! Our team will organise a virtual happy hour on ZOOM and incorporate virtual team building activities through different apps and remote technologies, so that your employees can cooperate and have fun while being physically ACTIVE, both indoors and outdoors.

Group of happy business men drinking beer at the pub and having fun
Business people drink beer after work. Businessmen enjoy a beer at a pub

Why host a happy hour at home and grab a virtual drink with friends?

Due to the recent events and most of us now working from home we must keep in touch virtually and what better way than happy hours?

In the current times of almost forced remote working, it has been tough for employers and human resources departments to keep a decent level of commitment from their team members, and even harder to maintain a good level of mood between these teams. These all-new working conditions increase the risk of turning the employees involved into less productive employees.


According to numerous studies in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, almost half of remote workers suffer from a high level of psychological distress, which is sometimes caused by lack of sleep and lower performances at work. These results show us how important it is to find ways to bring work teams together whilst participating in positive, social and fun activities.

What are the benefits of hosting virtual happy hours with your colleagues?

There are many advantages of virtual happy hours and virtual gatherings with friends, family and colleagues such as the following:

Strengthen the feeling of belonging within your group
Help break up the social isolation and mental distress that can be experienced by colleagues that are working remotely
Improve employee engagement within the company
Create a strong corporate event that everyone will remember
Allow your employees to find themselves in an outside-of-work context
Build strong links within your team
Bring big teams together, maybe you have too many employees to get together in person but virtually you can all get involved!
Participate from anywhere, at any time, we will work to suit you allowing us to find the best suited time for your whole team!
Set up virtual happy hour activities that are super easy to organise, why? Because we do most of the organising for you!
Never get lost, we will accompany you every step of the way during your virtual happy hour activities so you are never lost or unsure of what’s going on in the call!
Save money. Virtual happy hour events tend to cost a lot less money than planning days out of the office with your work team

How our virtual happy hour events work?

What happens on the day of the virtual happy hour event?

Woman drinking wine during video conference with friends




Be part of a scientific study in which you and your colleagues are the test subjects. By reprogramming the genetic code of the candidates and exposing them to solar radiation, we believe that it is possible to improve their physical and cognitive abilities and turn them into “superhumans”. Are you ready to put the fate of your employees in the hands of science?


Christmas is in peril and the highest authorities of Santa’s Kingdom are asking for your help! During this unusual recruiting camp, you and your collegues will be subjected to a stiff competition to find out which ones will be agile, smart and resourceful enough to save Christmas. Experience a remote Christmas office party that will leave you with magic moments, unforgettable memories and loads of fun!

What’s Included in our virtual happy hour service?

We take care of the whole happy hour experience for you!

  • A web page dedicated to your own event which includes a word from your virtual activity leader, a presentation video showing you the ropes, organisation of the competing teams and all logistical information related to your event
  • Rental of one of our virtual studios
  • The services of a facilitator, a technician and a video editor are all included in your virtual happy hour package
  • The ZOOM connection and those of the mobile application
  • A souvenir video including all the best moments of your virtual happy hour event

What do you need to take part in our virtual happy hour party?

Each player should be ready with the following equipment to ensure they have the best happy hour party experience with Kronos!

  • A mobile device, for example, a cell phone (with or without mobile data)
  • A computer with a webcam
  • Headphones for your mobile device
  • Paper and pencil
  • Outdoor attire! Because your team will have to go outside for a few minutes!

What makes us different from other virtual happy hour party providers?

Here at KRONOS Experience, we don’t just take care of the happy hour party set up or team building event but we build a whole personalised service around it to suit your virtual happy hour party’s needs!

Although the happy hour party itself only lasts a few hours, we make sure to create a real craze and sense of excitement among your colleagues during the 2 weeks preceding the event to stimulate their curiosity, commitment, and develop a feeling of competition within the work teams. Our secret? We create a personalized and evolving web page dedicated to the experience that your colleagues are about to participate in. It immerses players in a fascinating parallel universe that stimulates the imagination. It can take the form of a journalistic web article, a scientific study report, or a video message dedicated to your company… all methods are a good way to capture the attention and awaken the neurons of your colleagues to live an immersive and memorable group experience!

KRONOS Experience team is with you all of the way through. We’ll be there to help you plan the event, we give you tools to facilitate its diffusion to your team, we’ll lead the event and we’ll even be there for you after the event!

For example, depending on the concept that has been chosen, a few days before the event we will organise a practice run for your virtual happy hour allowing users to get a feel of our mobile app, and getting as much information as possible to make your virtual event as personalised as it possibly can be.

Then it comes to the day of the event where we will make sure everyone understands what is going on and is comfortable before starting the virtual happy hour event. Then even when the events start we will be talking you through the steps, recording your progress and are available for any time for any questions you may about the event.

Once the event is over, we will go back to the main room, have a few people from both Kronos Experience and your organisation say a few words before we go over the final scores, announce a winning team, go over your best bits with a video taken of the event and then hand over the room to yourselves to party on as long as you like!

After the event, we will be in touch to make sure you enjoyed your experience, gather some feedback and send over your best bits video!