KRONOS EXPERIENCE is proud to present its brand new virtual activity inspired by its popular KRONOS active shows. Its mission remains the same: to promote healthy lifestyle habits and get elementary schools moving in a futuristic, even surrealist context!

The KRONOS Agency is looking for young influencers to help it change the course of time and contribute to the citizens of the year 2141 to find the taste of being active. To do so, it has organized a reality show featuring young people between the ages of 5 and 12 who attend the candidate schools. Classes from the same school compete against each other.

Once the auditions are launched, the candidate classes will have 3 weeks to carry out 5 30-minute workshops led by some of the greatest masters of healthy lifestyle habits of the future.

The goal? Get the most votes from the public, participate in the LIVE show and maybe win the honors and prestige of this most popular reality show watched by millions of people.


KRONOS – AUDITIONS aims to promote healthy lifestyle habits among elementary school students. It seeks to create both a sense of competition between classes and collaboration between students in the same class.

  • 5 workshops of 30 minutes followed by a live virtual activity with our hosts.
  • A web page dedicated to your event allows your class teachers to get their instructions for each workshop.
  • Target audience: Elementary school (5 to 12 years old)
  • Workshops take place in a bubble classroom.


  • FOR THE 5 WORKSHOPS: Mobile device with a camera (tablet or smartphone with or without cellular data)
  • FOR THE LIVE: One TBI / TNI per class with microphone ideally. The meeting will take place on ZOOM.


The workshops

Opening number workshop

In this very first workshop, Agent K-17, veteran of the KRONOS Agency and head choreographer of the space-time mission warm-ups, will invite participants to learn a TikTok dance that will be used for the grand opening number during the LIVE.

Physical preparation workshop

Led by Colonel James Cornichon, KRONOS Agency's training and fitness specialist, this workshop will challenge candidates to various physical challenges. Since this workshop must be completed OUTDOOR, be sure to choose a day with good weather.

Mental preparation workshop

Presented by the venerable Master Hei, a specialist in inner visualization and a grand master of the mental arts, aspiring influencers will be led to strengthen their concentration, refocus their minds and calm their emotions during this peaceful workshop that will take them on a journey into their inner world.

Charm workshop

Who better than Jememoi Gariépy, the influencer of all influencers, to present this workshop that will offer contestants his best tips to develop their natural charisma and make them simply a-do-rable. Gait, diction exercises, questions on healthy lifestyle habits, nothing will be left out to make you a formidable influencer.

General Practice Workshop

Supervised by the KR-08 robot-cybernetic unit, this general practice will ensure that everything is in place for the LIVE show: mastering the opening number choreography and creating promotional material by your young influencers. It's time to shine!

Here are the mentors who will guide you in this adventure


Agent K17

A veteran of the KRONOS agency, he holds the record for the most space-time travels with more than 454 teleportations to his credit. He is one of the pillars of the KRONOS agency.

Maître Hei


Representative of embodied wisdom and self-control, he is considered an immortal legend who has left his mark on the Neo-Futurist civilization of Well-Being.



Chief supervisor of the operations of the reality show, he is also the assistant of KRONOS, the artificial intelligence in charge of the Agency bearing the same name.



The influencer of influencers and host of the famous SPATIO QUIZ


Specialist in training and fitness, he is responsible for the musculo aerobic division of the KRONOS Agency.

This activity is only offered in French