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Team Building whenever and
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Bring your team closer with Virtual
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Beyond the great ideas, services or products sold, the greatest wealth of a company lies in its team of people, regardless of the sector of activity concerned. A company whose employees are engaged and motivated has a greater force of action, which can give it a competitive advantage in the market and towards its competitors.

However, it can be difficult to create that sense of belonging in the workplace, and this is all the more true in these times of social distancing, forced remote work and teleworking.

Don’t you miss those little chats you had with colleagues by the coffee machine? Although seemingly non-productive, these moments added value to your workday. They helped you ventilate your mind, they lightened the mood and contributed to creating bonds between team members.
Now that a growing number of people are working from home, it becomes crucial for employers and team leaders to find ways to maintain the bonds between coworkers and make sure they keep a sense of belonging to the company, otherwise, you risk seeing the cohesion between colleagues and the relationships of the office drifting apart.

It is for this reason that virtual team building activities can become a powerful tool to strengthen the bonds between your employees.

What is virtual
team building?

A virtual team building is an activity that uses technology to virtually bring together employees who work remotely in order to forge stronger links between them around fun, collaborative and unifying concepts.

For KRONOS Experience, this technological solution does not mean that your staff will have to remain – again – behind the computer screen, in fact, it’s the complete opposite! With workers spending countless hours motionless in a series of daily virtual meetings, you definitely don’t want your virtual team building event to be just “another ZOOM meeting”! Our virtual team building activities are designed to get your teams to cooperate while being physically ACTIVE.

Businesswoman having a video conference with colleagues during coronavirus quarantine
Happy African lady using laptop video conference calling friend in cafe.

Why offer a team building activity for teams working remotely?

In a period of “forced” remote working, it has been hard for business leaders and human resources departments to maintain a good level of commitment from the members of their team, and even more difficult to maintain a good level of morale between them. These new working conditions entail the risk of transforming the employees involved into “spectator” employees.

In addition, according to numerous studies connecting remote working and anxiety, a great number of workers suffer from a high level of psychological distress, which is characterized in particular by lack of sleep and decreased performance at work. These results demonstrate the importance of finding ways to bring work teams together around positive, social and fun activities.

Our virtual activities are built  to bring teams together



Be part of a scientific study in which you and your colleagues are the test subjects. By reprogramming the genetic code of the candidates and exposing them to solar radiation, we believe that it is possible to improve their physical and cognitive abilities and turn them into “superhumans”.
Are you ready to put the fate of your employees in the hands of science?



Christmas is in peril and the highest authorities of Santa’s Kingdom are asking for your help! During this unusual recruiting camp, you and your collegues will be subjected to a stiff competition to find out which ones will be agile, smart and resourceful enough to save Christmas.

Experience a remote Christmas office party that will leave you with magic moments, unforgettable memories and loads of fun!

There are many good reasons for organizing a virtual team building event for your work team

Strengthen the feeling of belonging to your company
Help break the social isolation and psychological distress that can be experienced by employees in remote working situations
Improve employee engagement
Create strong and memorable corporate memories
Allow your employees to rediscover themselves in a non-professional context
Strengthen the links within your team
Bring larger teams together, even from around the world, and all can get involved!
You can take part anywhere, at any time, we will work around you to find the best suited time for your whole team!

Virtual activities are so easy to organize, why? Because we do most of the work for you!

We accompany you in every step of the planning of your activity so that you are never lost or unsure, helping make your virtual team building event a great success for your team!
Virtual events tend to cost a lot less than planning days out of the office with your team.
Selfie at work with colleagues. Multiracial workers looking at smartphone camera, guy makes photo in interior of modern office or video about company and corporate culture for clients, copy space

So all our team building experiences include :

  • A web page dedicated to your event which includes a word from your management, a teaser video of the experience they’re about to live, a list of the competing teams and all the logistical information that you and your team need for the event
  • Rental of the virtual studio
  • Services of a facilitator, a technician and a video editor
  • ZOOM connection
  • Mobile application fees
    a souvenir video including the best moments of your event.