OPERATION UV is a virtual team building activity where part of the game takes place outdoors. Players participate in the activity from their homes. The activity, which lasts 2h30, takes place live with our team in ZOOM.

Your company has been selected among many others worldwide to participate in a revolutionary study on solar particles: which could give you super powers.

OPERATION UV is a cooperative team building concept that takes the form of a scientific study in which YOU are the guinea pigs. Divided into cohorts, you will have to face the solar radiation by going outside, surpassing yourselves in the face of physical and cognitive challenges and ensuring excellent communication with your colleagues despite the pressure. It goes without saying that the final results will be published: Which team will stand out the most?

By exposing you to the mysterious Sigma particles during the solar storm of the century, we believe we can make you: super humans.

Are you ready to put the fate of your employees in the hands of science ?



Each player will need to have: