OPERATION UV is a virtual team building activity where part of the game takes place outdoors. Players participate in the activity from their homes. The activity, which lasts 2h30, takes place live with our animation team in ZOOM.

This is a cooperative activity where the goal is to participate in a scientific study and determine which team has done the best. The criteria evaluated are speed, intelligence, communication, observation, memorization and teamwork.

By reprogramming the genetic code of the candidates and exposing them to solar radiation, we believe it will be possible to improve their physical and cognitive abilities to make them super humans.

Are you ready to put the fate of your employees in the hands of science?


Two weeks before your team building, we help you promote the activity and create excitement among your employees. We create a promotional tool for you in the form of a web page personalized to your event and secured by a password. It includes, among other things, a video presenting the upcoming activity, the competing teams as well as logistical information related to the activity.
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What will you need?

Each player will need to have:

  • A mobile device (with or without cellular data) plus a computer with a webcam
  • A pair of headphones for the mobile device
  • Paper and pencil
  • Outerwear