THE RECRUITS is a brand new concept of virtual Christmas party aiming to bring together members of the same organization, despite the distance, and make them live a different, captivating and hilarious adventure that will leave memorable corporate memories within your company. The activity lasts 2h30 and is conducted live with our animation team in ZOOM.


After centuries of tradition, productivity and excellence, the North Pole is completely paralyzed. Christmas is in peril.

To save the day, the highest authorities in Santa’s kingdom are calling on you.

During this unusual recruitment camp, your work teams will be subjected to a tough competition to find out which ones will be agile, smart and resourceful enough to save Christmas and make this celebration the global success that we are all looking forward to.


Two weeks before your team building, we help you promote the activity and create excitement among your employees. We create a promotional tool for you in the form of a web page personalized to your event and secured by a password. It includes, among other things, a video presenting the upcoming activity, the competing teams as well as logistical information related to the activity.

What will you need?

Each player will need to have:

  • A mobile device (with or without cellular data) plus a computer with a webcam
  • A pair of headphones for the mobile device
  • Paper and pencil
  • Outerwear