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Virtual Holiday Party For Your Office - Do something different for this year’s office holiday party

So, what is a Virtual
work Holiday Party?

Just like a normal holiday office party but from home ! Opening the chance for people to get in the Christmas spirit from anywhere around the world, at any time… and creating lasting memories!

A virtual office holiday party is an online Christmas activity that uses the most up to date north pole technology to virtually bring friends and colleagues together who work from home or anywhere remotely to create stronger links between them around fun, collaborative and unifying holiday party activities.

The team behind KRONOS Experience has revisited this experience so that your employees will not have to hide behind their computer screens and passively assist to “just another ZOOM meeting” any longer. It’s the total opposite!

Using a combination of different technologies, our team will organise a virtual holiday-themed team building adventure for your office that will get your team connected while living an immersive, collaborative and active experience. Using both ZOOM and an exclusive remote app, participants will have the chance to cooperate whilst being physically ACTIVE, both indoors and outdoors, ensuring a different, fun and memorable experience that will trigger lasting corporate memories.

Why have your holiday office party online this year?

Due to the recent circumstances and most of us now working from our homes we must keep in touch online during the holiday season and what better way than a virtual office holiday party?

In the current times of mostly remote working, it has been a struggle for employers and HR departments to keep employees at a decent level of commitment and even more of a struggle to maintain a good level of mood in the office. These all-new ways of working increase the chance of turning the employees affected by these conditions into less productive and less motivated employees.

The Christmas holidays are a perfect excuse to spark a little magic in your team! Offering them a different and unique experience, where they can get to know each other in a whole new way, have fun and take part in an immersive adventure, is a great gift you give to them, and to your company.

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What are the benefits of hosting a holiday party virtually with your office colleagues?

There are many advantages of virtual holiday parties with your office colleagues such as the following:

Solidify the feeling of belonging within your office
Help break up the social isolation and mental distress in your office that can be experienced by workers that are working remotely during the holiday season
Help to Improve employee engagement within the business
Create a great office event that everyone will remember
Allow your workers to find themselves in an outside-of-office context and enjoy themselves
Mould strong links within your office team this holiday season
Get everyone involved! With virtual holiday party concepts, it’s possible to bring together all of your team members, whatever their number, whatever their location!
Participate virtually anywhere, at any time, we will work around your office’s holiday schedule to suit you.
Organising virtual holiday office party activities is really easy to organise, why? Because we do most of the organising for you! (a merry Christmas present from us!)
We accompany you in every step of the coordination of your activity. By creating a web page dedicated to your event, you will be able to easily share with your colleagues all the information they need to make this event a success: description and promotional video of the experience they are about to live as well as all the logistical information necessary for the smooth running of the activity. We will be there with you every step of the way during your virtual holiday office party activities so you are never unsure of what’s going on during the event!
Virtual happy hour events tend to cost a lot less money than planning days out of the office with your work team
Boost holiday spirits by getting your team together at Christmas time

What will each employee need to take part in the office party?

Each player should have:

  • A mobile device in addition to a computer with a web camera
  • Headphones with a microphone for your mobile device.
  • Paper and pencil/pen
  • Outdoor clothing! Because some parts of the event or activities may be outside!

How our virtual office holiday
events work?

An Example of our virtual team building activities to enjoy during your virtual office holiday party, all built to bring teams together this holiday season!

Our Holiday themed experience “THE RECRUITS"

Christmas is in peril and the highest authorities of Santa’s Kingdom are asking for your help! During this unusual recruiting camp, you and your colleagues will be subjected to stiff competition to find out which ones will be agile, smart and resourceful enough to save Christmas. Experience a remote Christmas office party that will leave you with magic moments, unforgettable memories and loads of fun!

What’s Included in our office holiday party service?

We take care of the whole office holiday party experience for you

  • A web page dedicated to just you and your own event which includes a word from your virtual holiday party activity leader, a presentation video explaining the activity, organisation of the competing teams and all extra information needed that is related to your event
  • Rental of one of our virtual studios
  • The expertise of an experienced facilitator, a technician and a video editor is all included
  • The ZOOM connection and the mobile application fees
  • A souvenir video including all the best moments of your virtual holiday office party
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What do you need to Participate in our virtual holiday office party?

Each player should be ready with the following equipment to ensure they have the best holiday office party experience with Kronos Experience

  • A computer with a camera
  • A mobile device (with or without mobile data)
  • Headphones for your device
  • Paper and pen
  • Outdoor clothes! Because your team will have to do activities outside for a few minutes! Rain or shine… or even SNOW!

What makes us different from other virtual holiday party providers?

Here at Kronos Experience, we don’t just take care of the holiday party set-up or team building event but we build a whole personalised service around it to suit your holiday party’s needs!

Although the team building activity itself only lasts a few hours, we make sure to start a real craze among your colleagues during the 2 weeks prior to the event to stimulate their curiosity, commitment, and develop a feeling of competition between the work teams. Our secret? We create a personalized and evolving web page dedicated to the experience that participants are about to take part in. It immerses players in a fascinating parallel universe that stimulates the imagination. It can take the form of a journalistic web article, a scientific study report, a video message dedicated to your company… all means are good to capture the attention and awaken the neurons of your colleagues to live an immersive and memorable group experience!

KRONOS Experience team is with you all of the way through. We will be there to help you plan the event, we give you tools to facilitate its diffusion to your team, we’ll lead the event and we’ll even be there for you after the event!

For example, depending on the concept that has been chosen, a few days before the virtual holiday event we will set up a practice run for your virtual office holiday party allowing users to get a feel of our mobile app for the event, and getting as much information as possible to make your virtual holiday party event as personalised as it possibly can be.

Then, on the day of the event, we will make sure everyone gets what is going on and is comfortable before starting the virtual holiday party event. Then even when the events have started we will be talking you through the steps you need to know, recording your progress and are available at any time for any questions you may have about the event.

Once the event is complete, we will go back to the main ZOOM meeting room, have a few people from both KRONOS Experience and your office say a few words about the event before we go over the final scores, announce the winning team, go over your best moments with a video taken of the holiday event and then hand over the meeting room to you guys to party on and get in the holiday spirit as long as you like!

After the event, we will be in contact with you to gather some feedback and send over your best moments video via email!