Why immortalize your corporate events?

Événement corporatif

Corporate events play an essential role in a company’s culture. Whether it’s a conference, seminar, team building or internal celebration, these special occasions bring employees together around a common goal. However, once the lights have gone down and participants have gone home, how do you preserve the memory of these precious moments? That’s where corporate event immortalization comes in.

Immortalizing a corporate event means capturing key moments, shared emotions and company successes through various media such as photography, video and testimonials. This practice offers many advantages, both for the company and for the stakeholders involved. In this article, we explain the importance of immortalizing your corporate events and share different ways of doing so.

What is a corporate event?

A corporate event is a special occasion organized by a company to bring together its employees, business partners, customers or other stakeholders around a common goal. These events can take many forms, from conferences and seminars to trade shows, team meetings and internal celebrations.

Corporate events are designed to serve a variety of purposes. They can focus on building team spirit and cohesion among employees, by offering opportunities for socialization and informal interaction. These events enable members of the organization to get to know each other better, establish personal links and foster a positive working atmosphere.

A corporate event can also focus on training and professional development. Conferences and seminars provide a learning environment, where industry experts share their knowledge and ideas. These enable participants to acquire new skills, broaden their horizons, and keep up to date with the latest trends and practices in their field.

In addition, corporate events can be opportunities to promote the brand and interact with customers and business partners. Trade shows, for example, offer companies the opportunity to showcase their products or services, meet potential new customers and strengthen relationships with existing partners. These events promote the company’s image, increase its visibility and generate business opportunities.

Another purpose of corporate events is to celebrate the company’s achievements and milestones. This could be celebrating the company’s anniversary, the success of a major project, the launch of a new product or the achievement of financial targets. These festive celebrations boost employee motivation, reinforce the sense of belonging to the company and create a positive corporate culture.

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5 types of corporate events

Here are the most common types of corporate events:

Conferences and seminars

    These events provide a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and experience. Conferences bring together industry experts and professionals to present speeches, lead workshops and participate in question-and-answer sessions. Seminars, meanwhile, focus on training and professional development, offering participants the chance to deepen their skills in a specific area.

    Trade fairs and exhibitions 

    Trade shows and exhibitions bring together companies from a specific sector to showcase their products, services and innovations. Exhibitors have the opportunity to meet potential customers, forge business partnerships and promote their brand. Trade shows also offer attendees the chance to discover the latest industry trends and keep abreast of technological advances.

    Team building activities 

    Team building activities are designed to strengthen team spirit, foster cooperation and improve interpersonal relations. They can include games, sports activities, personal development workshops or problem-solving challenges. Team building activities foster team cohesion, reinforce mutual trust and encourage collaboration within the company.

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    Company celebrations 

    To celebrate significant achievements, company anniversaries, financial milestones or special events, a company may organize parties, awards or recognition ceremonies. These corporate celebrations reinforce a sense of belonging, reward efforts and create a positive work atmosphere.

    Webinars and online events 

    With the advent of technology and online communication platforms, many corporate events are now organized virtually. Webinars, online conferences and virtual team building enable participants to connect remotely, save time and resources, and achieve their objectives. 

    These different types of corporate events offer companies many opportunities to achieve their specific objectives, whether to promote the brand, build team spirit, acquire new skills or celebrate achievements. Choosing the right type of event depends on the company’s needs, target audience and desired results.

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    Why is it important to immortalize your corporate event?

    There are many reasons why it’s important to immortalize your corporate event. Here are some of the key reasons:

    Lasting memories 

    Immortalizing your corporate event allows you to capture the special moments and memories shared at the event. These memories can be invaluable to you, your employees, your business partners and your customers. They allow you to relive the highlights of the event, strengthen bonds and rekindle the emotions associated with it.

    Promotion and marketing

    Images and videos of your corporate event can be used for promotional and marketing purposes. You can share them on social networks, on your website, in brochures, presentations or press releases. These visual aids can attract the attention of potential new customers, boost your company’s visibility, and serve as tangible proof of your expertise and experience in the field.

    Sharing with the absent

    Not all members of your team or professional network may be able to attend the corporate event in person. Immortalizing the event allows them to live a part of the experience through shared photos and videos. This can promote inclusion and reinforce a sense of belonging, even for those who weren’t able to physically attend.

    Analysis and feedback

    Visual recordings of your event can be used to analyze and evaluate its progress. You can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the event, gather feedback and suggestions, and use this information to improve your future corporate events. Images and videos can also be used as visual aids for presentations and reports to your team or company management.

    How to immortalize a corporate event?

    There are many ways to immortalize a corporate event. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Professional photographer: Hire a professional photographer who specializes in corporate events. He or she will be responsible for capturing the event’s key moments, smiles, interactions between participants, speeches, presentations and much more. Professional photos guarantee optimal quality and composition, which will preserve precious memories of the event.
    • Professional videography: If you want more comprehensive coverage of the event, you can also call on a professional videographer. He or she will record video footage of the event, including speeches, performances, activities and key moments. The video can be edited to create a dynamic summary of the event, or even a complete film documenting the entire event.
    • Participant photos: Encourage participants to take photos during the event and share them on social networks using an event-specific hashtag. This will bring together a variety of perspectives and moments captured by different participants. You can also organize a photo contest and reward the best shots.
    • Audio recording: If the event includes important speeches, presentations or panels, you can record the audio to capture key content. This can be useful for future reference, to share the knowledge and ideas discussed at the event, or to create training or awareness-raising materials.
    • Visual aids and graphics: Create attractive visual aids for the event, such as billboards, PowerPoint presentations, banners or infographics. These can be photographed or filmed to keep a visual record of the event.
    • Live-streaming: If you want to involve a wider audience, you could consider broadcasting the event live on the Internet. Many platforms allow live-streaming, such as YouTube, Facebook Live or Instagram Live. This will enable a remote audience to follow the event in real time and participate virtually.
    • Compiling and editing: Once you’ve collected all the different forms of media, you can compile and edit them to create a summary video of the event. Add titles, transitions, music and visual effects to create a professional, captivating montage.

    Team building services

    Kronos Experience‘s team building activities offer an unforgettable experience to strengthen the bonds within your team. What sets our services apart is that every team building activity ends with a video souvenir.  Indeed, throughout the event, we encourage participants to take photos and videos using our mobile app. The participation of team members in capturing the highlights and crazy moments of the activity gives the video a personal touch. 

    We then take care of collecting these precious memories and transforming them into a video of the best moments. The icing on the cake is that we are often able to deliver this video on the same day, just a few hours after the end of the activity, offering an authentic, fun and immersive team building experience. 

    When you opt for our team building services, you benefit from much more than just a professional photographer or a traditional photobooth. You create unique and memorable souvenirs that strengthen team spirit and contribute to your company’s success.  Trust Kronos Experience to organize engaging team building activities!

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