A terrible prophecy involving your company is about to come true. Bad luck, disaster and misfortune are all part of the celestial plan for you.

Fortunately, an opportunity emerges from the depths that portends a better future… but at what cost? Will you overcome your fears and submit to terrible occult rituals to save your business?

Gather your co-workers at the time and place determined by the alignment of the stars and you could reverse the terrible fate that awaits you.

Get ready for the Prophecy and face formidable challenges. Together, rewrite your destiny and change the prediction of the cards.



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  1. In order to protect yourself from negative waves, wear a head covering with metallic elements.
  2. Bring one to three lucky objects (dream catchers, pentacle, rabbit’s foot, etc.)
  3. Wear clothes in the colors of your astrological sign: 

Dress code suggestions


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  • Download the Loquiz application
  • Have a fully charged cell phone with you (one device per team). Use a rechargeable battery pack if needed.
  • Know that the “username” and “password” will be revealed to you on the day of the PROPHECY
  • Plan to have a notebook and a pencil
  • Respect the dress code

Do you have any questions before or during THE PROPHECY? Contact us directly via the KRONOS Experience messenger.

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