Wednesday, August 4, 2021
NOM DE L'ENTREPRISE, the next victim of the GOALIE ?

After several NAME OF THE COMPANY employees received a suspicious package, the company’s CEO is concerned for the safety of his workers.


The employees of NAME OF THE COMPANY are on high alert after suspicious packages containing various hockey equipment and a threatening handwritten letter were delivered to some of their homes around DATE. After being contacted by the authorities, the COMPANY POSITION had no choice but to warn its employees of the worrying situation. According to the police, there is every indication that their company is a target of the malefactor known as “The Goalie.”

The situation is extremely worrisome,”COMPANY POSITION told Kronos Media. “We’ll monitor any suspicious activity that may occur in the next few days. I’m pretty spooked myself.”

According to information gathered by Kronos Media, the next two weeks will confirm or refute authorities’ suspicions that the A.H.L., the Anti-Heroes League, is implicated in this affair, a criminal gang led by the infamous Goalie.

Detective Samson, who’s in charge of the investigation, is very familiar with the gang’s modus operandi. “Their technique is called ’drafting’”, says the inspector who has been tracking the Goalie for the last few years. “They will kidnap your best employees to try and recruit them by any means imaginable. No position is spared: accountants, secretaries, analysts, foremen, managers, graphic designers, coordinators… The Goalie is ambitious and only chooses the best talent to grow his criminal organization.”

Some of the victims who survived his heavy-handed techniques gave disturbing testimony to Kronos Media, alleging they were subjected to severe physical and psychological violence. Some of them still suffer from permanent after-effects several years after their kidnapping. Detective Samson confirms this information: “The victims are promised a wealth of goods and money in exchange for their loyalty and, sometimes, confidential information about their company.”.

The City’s Tactical Forces are asking the public to contact them with any information that may help move the investigation forward. Detective Samson can be reached at the following number: 1-844-622-6269.

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We remind you that this whole story is of course linked to this video that went viral on YouTube.

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coeur main
Breakfast of love

A research group from Concordia University discovered that your morning habits say a lot about your chances of finding love. Volunteers from all over the country were tested on their ability to spread peanut butter on toast, their ratio of milk-to-cereal during breakfast and the average amount of time they spent on personal hygiene, amongst other things.

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"The Auditions", the youth reality show is breaking records.

Several elementary schools from around the world are participating in a big contest to become the best influencers of healthy living. The reality show called KRONOS, The Auditions is hosted by Jememoi Gariépy and has become the most popular of all time. Indeed, young people aged 5 to 12 years old… [read more]

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Meltdown on Wall Street as Kruptonium reaches new high
Tensions rise in Gaza
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Is Anita B. O’Loan filing for divorce AGAIN?

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Koko-Kelly to perform in Montreal

Koko-Kelly, the sensational band composed of learned chimpanzees, will perform outdoors this weekend at Montreal’s La Fontaine Park for the enjoyment of adults and children. “It’ll be bananas,” the group promised.

The sun can give you superpowers, doctor says

According to Dr. Glückenspiel, head of an international scientific study called OPERATION UV, it would seem that our dearest daystar has entered a phase of particularly intense activity that would generate particles of spectacular effects on human DNA. [read more]

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Threats of a strike at the North Pole

The Allied Workers’ Union of the North Pole Kingdom is threatening a general strike if the working conditions do not improve for their labour force. Chanting the slogan, “Save Christmas!” the shop workers say they are fed up with the hellish pace of work and the ever-increasing number of gifts they have to produce. “This has to stop! We have to get back to the real values of Christmas,” one of the workers told Kronos Media. [read more]

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