The most popular themes for corporate events

Corporate event, Most popular themes for a corporate event

Themed corporate events have made a name for themselves in the business world by focusing on original concepts that offer unique experiences for employees, customers and partners. These events create a lasting impression on participants and help promote the company’s brand image. It’s an innovative approach that aims to increase employee commitment and stimulate creativity through encounters that break away from the pace of everyday life, creating opportunities for sharing and adventure. 

What’s a corporate event?

A corporate event is an activity organized by a company or organization to promote its interests, strengthen relationships with customers, business partners or employees, or celebrate significant achievements. These events can take many forms, from small internal meetings to corporate conferences, trade shows, gala evenings, company parties, training seminars, product launches, incentive trips and much more.

Corporate events are often carefully planned to meet specific objectives. They can be used to reinforce corporate culture, foster collaboration between employees, introduce new products or services, raise the company’s profile, strengthen relationships with existing customers and attract new ones, or reward outstanding employee performance. 

These events are usually organized in-house or with the help of specialized event management agencies. Organizing a successful corporate event requires careful planning, including venue selection, logistics, budget management, supplier coordination, event promotion and creating a memorable experience for participants.

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Why organize a corporate event?

There are many reasons why a company or organization might decide to organize a corporate event:

  • Strengthen customer relationships: Corporate events offer the opportunity to meet customers face-to-face, interact with them and strengthen business ties. This can foster customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and generate new business opportunities.
  • Strengthen relationships with business partners: Corporate events also help to strengthen relationships with business partners, such as suppliers, distributors or investors. These events provide a framework for strategic discussions, business negotiations and collaboration.
  • Promote brand and increase visibility: Corporate events offer a platform for promoting the company brand and increasing visibility. Whether at a trade show, conference or gala evening, the company can showcase its products, services, values and innovations, attracting the attention of attendees and the media alike.
  • Celebrate achievements and reward employees: Corporate events are often used to celebrate significant company or employee achievements. These can include annual celebrations, awards ceremonies, employee recognition evenings, incentive trips and more. These events reinforce the sense of belonging to the company and reward outstanding performance.
  • Foster collaboration and internal communication: Internal corporate events, such as team meetings, training seminars or internal conferences, foster collaboration between employees and strengthen internal communication. These events provide a space for sharing knowledge, aligning objectives, encouraging innovation and strengthening team spirit.

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What are the most popular themes for corporate events?

Safari Cocktail 

The Safari Cocktail offered by Kronos Experience is the perfect networking activity for companies looking to organize a fun and original team-building activity. It’s an activity that can be coordinated in no time thanks to a simple, intuitive mobile app. By completing numerous challenges, participants are encouraged to interact with each other, which strengthens their relationships, in addition to the augmented reality photos and videos that build up over the course of the activity, which reinforces the good mood. 

This unique experience combines an ice-breaking activity, a photo safari and lively discussions to awaken the rare species among your colleagues. This is a 100% autonomous activity, requiring no animator. All you have to do is present participants with a short video and a QR code, and that’s it! Instructions and background information are summarized in less than 2 minutes in a themed video, adding a touch of humor and making the experience even more enjoyable.

Safari Cocktail is ideal for groups of 10 to 1,000 employees and can last from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on requirements. This activity is offered in two languages, French and English, and can be adapted to any environment, indoors or out. You’ll be amazed at how this activity encourages lively discussion between participants, creating lasting memories and strengthening professional bonds. 

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Developing a kidnapping scenario can plunge participants into a world of mystery, and they’ll have to work together to find a solution to free the victim.  With riddles to solve, false leads, clues and challenges, this theme calls for joint reflection, good communication and team cohesion to find an effective strategy.

Technological theme 

Events focusing on new technologies, innovation and digital transformation are very popular. These can include conferences on technological trends, demonstrations of innovative products, hands-on workshops on the use of new technologies, and so on.

Personal and professional development 

Events focusing on skills’ development, leadership, time management, effective communication and other aspects of personal and professional development are very popular. These events can include conferences, interactive workshops, coaching sessions and more.

The prophecy 

Kronos Experience’s team building activity The Prophecy offers a unique immersive experience that enables teams to work together, strengthening their communication, problem-solving and team-building skills.

At the heart of this activity is a thrilling quest based on a mysterious prophecy. Participants are immersed in a captivating scenario, where they must solve puzzles, overcome challenges and work closely together to uncover the secrets of the Kronos prophecy.

This team-building activity offers a number of advantages. Firstly, it fosters collaboration by encouraging participants to work together to achieve a common goal. Team members must share information, exchange ideas and make collective decisions to progress in the quest.

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How do you organize a corporate event?

Working with Kronos Experience to organize your corporate event has many advantages. Our expertise and experience in creating immersive and interactive experiences guarantee a unique and memorable event. Our creative and innovative approach, combined with our ability to tailor each event to your specific needs, ensures a bespoke experience that reflects your corporate identity. By entrusting the complete management of your team building to Kronos Experience, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business, with the certainty that the event will be managed professionally and efficiently.

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