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Discover our team building activities  designed to bring your teams closer together!



Be part of a scientific study in which you and your colleagues are the test subjects. By reprogramming the genetic code of the candidates and exposing them to solar radiation, we believe that it is possible to improve their physical and cognitive abilities and turn them into “superhumans”. Are you ready to put the fate of your employees in the hands of science?


A member of your organization has been kidnapped by an unorthodox and dangerous criminal called “The Goaler”. He threaten to torture your co-worker if the rest of the employees do not carry out his demands to the letter. You and your team will have to show bravery, cooperation and not be afraid of ridicule! Will you manage to find the “missing player” in one piece?


Christmas is in peril and the highest authorities of Santa’s Kingdom are asking for your help! During this unusual recruiting camp, you and your collegues will be subjected to a stiff competition to find out which ones will be agile, smart and resourceful enough to save Christmas. Experience a remote Christmas office party that will leave you with magic moments, unforgettable memories and loads of fun!

So, what is a team building activity?

Team building activities are
the best way to build
stronger relationships within
your organisation

A team building activity is a unifying event that aims to strengthen the links between the members of an organization such as a sports team, school class, or workplace/business. A team building activity is thus focused on fun, mutual aid, healthy competition and must be inclusive and accessible to all.

At KRONOS Experience, we believe that a team building experience goes far beyond the main event. It reaches before and after it. That’s why we pay particular attention to and focus on the soundscapes and the quality of our unique videos “teasers”, which aim to create an immersive experience and achieve an unequalled level of commitment for participants in their team-building activities. We also create evolutive web pages for all our clients that guide them throughout the process and finally, all our experiences are summed up in a unique and personnalized video which shows the most memorable moments of fun and emotion that the teams have experienced throughout the event.

Are you looking for a team-building activity that goes off the beaten track and that will stimulate your imagination, fill you with wonder and get you and your team immersed in a grandiose adventure? Let’s take a moment to discuss it!


Why offer a team-building activity for teams

Due to the current circumstances and since most of us now work remotely from our homes, we need to continue to find a way to bring our team together

In recent times we have seen the world opening and closing multiple times, countries going in and out of lockdowns. It has been very difficult for businesses, employers especially, and also human resources departments to control and maintain a good level of commitment and enthusiasm from the members of their organizations, and even harder to try and maintain a good level of morale and positivity between coworkers. These new ways of the world of work have shown and increased the risk of turning workers who are suffering from these conditions into “spectator” employees.

Not only businesses but sports teams have also struggled with these same conditions, putting a stop to their training programs and groups activities This has a massive negative impact on their socialising, communication and their bond and when these factors are negatively impacted, so are their performances, adding more pressure and distress to teams and groups across the world.

There are many good reasons for organizing
a team-building event for your work team

There are many advantages to team-building with colleagues such as the following:

Create a stronger feeling of belonging within your company
Help dissolve the social isolation and negative mental health issues that can be experienced by people in your organization who have been negatively impacted by isolation and the new ways of working
Improve engagement within your organization
Create a strong and memorable event for your organization to treasure
Allow your workers to connect and rediscover themselves in a non-professional context outside of work
Strengthen the links within your team and create brand new links amongst colleagues
Bring larger teams of workers together, even from around the world if you do virtual team building
Give you team something to look forward to by planning different team building activities throughout the year

Whatever your reasons, you can be sure that we will be there with you every step of the way during the planning of your activities and during your events to make sure these experiences will be memorable for all participants and true successes for your business.

Host team-building events in Dallas or elsewhere, no matter your current situation

With the world starting to open back up, some places are opening faster than others but we have team building activities to suit everyone!

We know nowadays that people’s situations are all different depending on where they live and the local regulations in place. Due to the pandemic, we see a great variability of social situations among the countries. While some countries are opening up, letting groups of different sizes gather once again, in other parts of the world, home confinement is still the only option.

No matter where you are and what your situation is, we can provide a team building solution that will fit the needs and reality of your team, wherever they may be on the globe. If some of you have the liberty to get together physically, following the social distancing rules, wonderful! With our hybrid team building concepts, we will get your group connected, energized and highly engaged. You will be living an immersive team experience that will create lasting corporate memories!

If you are still working from home, if your area is in shutdown or if some of your team members are remote employee, you can still be part of the experience with our virtual team building concepts! Don’t let the frontiers, time zones or world events hold you back from building strong links and relationships within your organization!

Does Your team now work remotely?

If this is the case then do not worry, we also have Virtual Team building activities!

It can be difficult to create a sense of belonging in the workplace when teams are working remotely, and this is all the more true in these times of social distancing, social confinement and curfews.

Before the recent times of social distancing and remote working, it was somehow much easier to keep your team tuned and together – morning chat by the coffee machine or morning commute with a colleague – but due to times now being different, these social meeting and activities must be replaced by other solutions. Otherwise, you might see the relationship between your colleagues start drifting apart… so as the sense of belonging to your company.

By offering your team a common group experience which is collaborative, immersive and that will allow them to connect with each other in a fun and creative way, we believe that we can be part of your success to strenghten the bonds between your employees and co-workers.

What is virtual team building?

Virtual team building is an activity that uses technology to virtually bring together people who work remotely in order to build links between team members around fun, collaborative and unifying activities. For KRONOS Experience, a virtual team building activity goes way beyond the participant’s computer screen! Our virtual team building events are built to get your teams to cooperate while being physically ACTIVE… and sometimes outdoors! Live the adventure and offer your team a group experience that they will never forget and that will build long lasting corporate memories!