Is team building actually worth it?

Team building entreprise

Team building is one of the best investments you can make for your company. It improves teamwork by increasing trust, reducing conflict, and encouraging communication. Effective team development is key because more engaged employees are good for corporate culture and the financial line. Keep reading to discover the true potential of team building and elevate your staff to the next level!

Why is team building so important? 

Any activity or strategy that brings a group together and motivates them to collaborate is known as team building. Team-building exercises are designed to help employees become more cohesive. Team development has various benefits for businesses. It increases productivity, raises employee motivation, encourages collaboration, and fosters trust and respect among employees.

What is a team building activity? 

How do I make my corporate event effective?

Here are key tips for team leaders to enhance their events and bring their team together:

Link to Work Goals

Team building should be linked to job goals. After the event, it’s a great idea to talk to your team and have a discussion about what they learned during the team building activity. This will help them assimilate how they can apply the new skills or abilities they learned in the work environment. 

Feedback is Essential

To guarantee that the corporate team building activity has a long-term positive impact, consider the event as an opportunity to ask for feedback from each and every member of your team. Take comments into consideration and use it in the workplace.

7 benefits of team building at work

If you have a team that has a shared purpose and works together to achieve it, you can overcome your greatest challenges. A well-coordinated team performs and excels. It has a clear understanding of its goals and how to achieve them — together.

1. Trust

Trust is essential when it comes to building productive teams. Teams must be able to trust one another in order to work together. As teams develop trust, they allow each other the freedom and liberty to complete tasks and make decisions on their own.

People feel comfortable when they are trusted. They open up when they feel protected. They let their teammates know about their strengths and weaknesses. They are more proactive with their ideas, taking chances, listening to one another, and finally reaching an agreement. As a result, there is more collaboration and communication.

2. Communication

Employees communicate better when they work together as a team. They discuss the topic at hand and the best strategy to reach the desired goal with one another. They strategize, break up into smaller groups, hold meetings, and complete assignments quicker. 

Employees can also learn about their duties and what their co-workers are up to thanks to communication. When employees are aware of what their co-workers are up to, they can monitor their progress and assist one another if one of them fails to meet their objectives.

3. Productivity

The workload is shared across teams. This means that if one team member has less work than the others, she can help another team member. This way, the project can be completed sooner, resulting in increased production and a positive impact on the bottom line. Individual and organizational productivity are both increased when teams work together.

Individuals can learn new abilities and improve their existing ones when they work in groups. Teamwork improves efficiency and performance, allowing more work to be completed in less time. 

4. Team

There is no ‘I’ in team. One of the most significant advantages of team building is that it strengthens employee interpersonal interactions. When people work together, they share their experiences, including successes and disappointments. It pulls them closer together and increases their trust. When team member A assists team member B, team member B will almost always return the favor. Employees support one another. 

5. Creativity

Employees that are part of a successful team are more likely to learn from one another and build on each other’s strengths. Cooperation offers the sharing of different perspectives and ideas. It blends together personal experiences with fresh, inventive concepts, making work more enjoyable and efficient. As a result, everyone can contribute something new.

6. Healthy Competition

It has been proved that when a task is turned into a competition, people perform better. Conducting team building events in the workplace can be a great way to bring out your employees’ competitive side. Team development activities are great opportunities for employees to compete with one another to complete challenges. 

The major goal of team building events is to instill a sense of teamwork in employees, allowing them to collaborate with other teams while learning problem-solving, communication, and cooperation skills.

7. Equality

Everyone should be treated equally in terms of importance, resources, and opportunity to achieve their objectives. Your employees must do their part as organizations become more accepting of ethnic and gender diversity. 

Forming teams with people of various backgrounds, nationalities and origins is always a good idea. Because they are more accepting and understanding of other people’s differences, such groups are generally more creative. Team building exercises allow for healthy disagreement and collaboration without affecting the workplace.

Customize a team building event 

For a team building event to be truly successful, it needs to be carefully planned. If you don’t have the time to organize your next team building activity or are out of ideas for what to do, let Kronos Experience customize your team building event.

Here are examples of original team building activities that you won’t find anywhere else such as:

  • The Missing Player: The goal of this cooperative game is to save a valued employee of your organization who has been kidnapped. In teams of three to six players, you will have one hour and thirty minutes to complete numerous physical, cognitive, and social obstacles.
  • Operation UV: The purpose of this cooperative exercise is to take part in a scientific study and assess which team did the best. Speed, intelligence, communication, observation, memorization, and teamwork are among the factors assessed.
  • The Recruits: This is a completely new virtual Christmas party concept that aims to connect members of the same organization together, regardless of location. It immerses them in a unique, fascinating, and funny journey that will leave lasting corporate memories.

Our team building events are meticulously planned to provide our clients with fantastic, distinctive, unifying, and memorable group events. We organize virtual parties for holidays, virtual office parties, and virtual or in-person team building events that will bring your staff together.

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