How to organize an outdoor corporate event?

Comment organiser un événement

Whatever the sector of activity of your company, the organization of a corporate event is the ideal opportunity to strengthen the cohesion between the members of your team and to boost their motivation. However, planning a corporate event is not an easy task, good preparation in advance is necessary to guarantee its success.

What are the objectives of a corporate event?

Each company has its own needs that will define the objective of an event. There are different goals to achieve: 

  • Welcome new employees or help them feel at home, especially when there are major changes in the company
  • Motivate the team to perform better 
  • Improve employee loyalty
  • Reward workers who do a good job
  • Celebrate the end of an important project or a crucial period for the company
  • Resolve conflicts between employees or improve teamwork
  • Help employees from different departments get to know each other
  • Evaluate the work done by employees
  • Promote the company in order to attract new talent
  • Keep workers informed of new changes in business activities
  • Develop the loyalty of partners, suppliers or sponsors
  • Etc.

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Why organize a corporate event?

For any business, regardless of industry, it is important to ensure continued growth. It requires a continuous effort to reconnect with customers, partners and employees. 

Organizing a corporate event is an ideal solution to bring your team together in a new location, show the public your company’s mission, etc. The organization of a professional event contributes in many ways to the growth of a company:

  • Combine business with pleasure: An event helps energize the company culture by organizing activities that are fun and encouraging positive interactions. Celebrating the company’s success helps strengthen cohesion and facilitate internal communication.
  • Strengthen brand image: A meeting outside the workplace increases recognition of a company and enhances its image. You can use this opportunity to present your products, inform people about your services or prepare unique activities and share them on social networks.
  • Rekindle internal and external relationships: A corporate event is the perfect opportunity to bring the team together with customers and employees to create a lasting impression.

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What is the budget for a corporate event?

The budget for an event project depends on several factors, including: 

  • The number of participants
  • The place 
  • Activities and materials needed
  • The food 
  • Transportation 
  • And so on.

For a small event with a participatory list of no more than 20 people, you can allocate a small budget around $2000. If you want to organize a larger event with more people, the budget could be around $20,000. Also, finding an open space outside may be more or less easy, depending on the region and the availability of venues.

In any case, depending on your finances and your company’s capabilities, you can tailor your program to fit the amount you are able to pay. You may want to keep your equipment simple, plan for food and water essentials, and try to find an accessible public park to keep costs down while ensuring a successful outdoor event.

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9 steps to organizing an outdoor event for your team

1. Determine the objective of your event

For any event you decide to organize, the first step is to define the objectives to be reached. Ask yourself the right questions to understand why you are organizing a corporate event and what your expectations are. Once you have the answers to these questions, you can determine the type of event to organize. 

It’s important to identify the goal in order to create an experience that resonates with your team. Always remember to create a dynamic and interactive experience to engage participants and rebrand your company to your employees while creating an engaging and meaningful impact.

2. Create a list of participants

This is a key step in the planning process to determine a list of attendees from executives, senior managers, employees from each department, etc. The event could be geared towards a portion of the team or a combination of all workers so that they all get to know each other.

The elaboration of a guest list is often quite delicate because it directly influences the program, the logistic needs of the event, the budget as well as the progress of the event. For a team building event, for example, it is important to have a precise number of participants to guarantee the smooth running of the activities and avoid unpleasant surprises. 

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3. Set a realistic budget

Having a clear idea of the amount of money allocated to the event is essential for the rest of the organizational process. Once you have developed a budget, remember to allow an extra 10% for unforeseen events, because there will certainly be some. The budget must be well distributed according to the needs of the event.

4. Find the right event venue

When looking to bring your team together for outdoor team building activities, it is important to find a location that is accessible to everyone. This can be difficult if your team is spread out and some members work remotely and are far away. The meeting place should be central, in a public park close to everyone or an accessible outdoor location.

If you are having trouble finding a location, you can create a survey for your team members so that there is mutual agreement on the venue to ensure as many people as possible attend. Another interesting alternative is to create participatory activities remotely through a virtual event for people who cannot travel.

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5. Choose the right date 

Timing should be one of your most important concerns to ensure the success of your corporate event. Depending on the objective and the type of activities planned, set a date and determine the necessary duration of the event. Then, adapt your program according to transportation, equipment, etc.

6. Choose a theme

Offering participants the opportunity to have fun, to carry out memorable and entertaining activities, and above all the opportunity to live a playful and interactive experience is the key to the success of a corporate event. You can choose a special theme or determine an original format that fits your objective while guaranteeing a touch of originality to your event.

Creating an immersive, educational and entertaining activity fosters an atmosphere of sharing and learning that is enjoyable for everyone present. Deciding on a theme also involves the participants, whose interaction defines the success of the event and guarantees an adventure that is off the beaten track.

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7. Organize transportation 

In order for the team to get to your outdoor event without transportation problems, it is important to provide them with an efficient means of travel. If you show concern for their well-being, you’ll ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time. Do not hesitate to check that everyone has access to your venue and provide them with adequate transportation.

8. Bring the necessary equipment for the activities

Every team building activity requires the right equipment. Moreover, organizing an outdoor event gives free rein to your imagination and offers you many possibilities, so don’t hesitate to be creative. Favor the use of equipment that is easy to transport, to use and to clean to simplify the running of your event.

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9. Adapt your program to an outdoor space

When planning an outdoor event, you need to think about all the details that can get in the way of your day: 

  • Climatic conditions
  • Shade in the middle of the day and humidity in the evening
  • Maintenance of the equipment used
  • The type of team building activities 
  • Water and snacks
  • The toilets
  • And so on.

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