How to improve employer branding

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Marketing has crept into the human resources departments of companies in order to engage employees and ensure effective recruitment. The notion of employer branding has become an essential asset that allows companies to stand out and achieve their objectives.

What is an employer brand?

Employer brand refers to the reputation and image of a company as an employer, including its values, culture and employee experience. It is the perception that current and potential employees have of the company as a place to work, which can influence recruitment, retention and overall company success.

Employer branding has become an important communication pillar for startups as well as for large international corporations. This organizational strategy aims to strengthen the company’s reputation with an internal and external audience by ensuring that current and potential employees are satisfied with their position and imbued with the company’s values through good talent management.

Why is employer branding important?

Employer branding is an important pillar of a company’s global image and reputation. It allows conveying an image of trust and values of belonging that are essential to the company’s prosperity. A company that wants to stand out from the crowd must be active through the various communication channels.

Employer branding is a reflection of an organization and is a crucial issue for companies wishing to transmit their values and gain notoriety. It helps build loyalty among employees, who become imbued with the company and feel valued as part of the team. 

On the other hand, this strategy aims at attracting new high-potential talents through a well-targeted human resources policy. Employer branding allows the development of an authentic and original corporate culture, which increases the company’s visibility and allows it to stand out from its competitors. 

What are the benefits of a strong employer brand?

A strong employer brand offers multiple benefits, both qualitative and quantitative, to a company, optimizing its performance through : 

  • A strong attraction for potential customers who can better project themselves and identify with the company’s values. 
  • Employee loyalty and better employee involvement, which increases their performance.
  • Improved employee productivity and increased employee engagement in the medium and long term.
  • Lower recruitment costs through transparent branding. This reduction can reach up to 50% of the hiring cost, thus making an important long-term investment.

Thanks to various technological tools, the majority of job seekers take the time to learn about employer branding before they even apply for a job. Therefore, a strong employer brand is key to ensuring an engaging employee experience and, at the same time, making it easier for the company to achieve its goals.

What are the 3 main objectives of employer branding?

Employer branding aims to engage employees, create a better candidate experience and improve the company’s image with potential partners.

Strengthen the corporate culture

The principle of employer branding aims above all to strengthen the company’s culture through the organization of corporate events, the establishment of an appropriate work environment and the establishment of solid values. Team building is one of the pillars of employer branding since it aims to reinforce the commitment of employees, stimulate their curiosity and improve team spirit.

Attract top talent during the hiring process

Most people are looking to give meaning to the work they do and want to find a job that makes them feel important and gives them a sense of belonging. Therefore, demonstrating that your company cares for its employees and sharing your values through social networks allows target candidates to better project themselves and be more motivated.

Improving the hiring process is one of the most important aspects of an employer brand. It ensures the creation of a strong and talented team. It is an ongoing process that starts with a good HR marketing strategy, optimal human resource management and constant team motivation through team building activities that allow all employees to express themselves freely.

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Strengthen the company’s image with partners and the public 

This marketing strategy is based on internal and external communication that also aims to attract the right partners and improve the company’s reputation. A good employer brand offers a responsible and attractive image for potential partners and customers, who tend to have more confidence in the company.

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How do you improve employer branding?

To secure a place in a tough entrepreneurial market, it is important to use effective methods to improve your employer brand: 

  • Organize corporate events and team building activities 
  • Build a strong corporate culture 
  • Improve recruitment techniques
  • Conveying honest messages 
  • Create an optimal work environment 

Organize team building activities

Good internal communication is key to ensuring a unique and strong employer brand. It is important to build a spirit of cohesion within your team. Ensuring a healthy work environment and a good quality of life for all employees is essential.

The organization of team building activities allows reinforcing the team spirit and to gather all the employees through playful and instructive meetings. It allows anchoring even more the entrepreneurial values and to create a space of communication and sharing.

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Build a strong corporate culture 

When you succeed in creating a unique identity, you develop a quality employer brand that meets the expectations of candidates and fosters the engagement of current employees. 

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Improve the hiring process

As an employer, it is important to always question yourself and identify your weaknesses in order to improve your human resources management and your candidate experience. This allows you to make changes quickly to improve your employer brand. In order to find out where you can improve, we advise you to : 

  • Encourage dialogue with partners and employees;
  • Allow employees to express themselves regarding working conditions;
  • Obtain feedback from candidates on the recruitment process;
  • Conduct regular assessments of the level of integration of new hires.

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Promote the company’s values

In order to convey a good employer brand, it is essential to be consistent in both actions and words. Indeed, good words and strong messages can be used to attract potential candidates, but they are not enough to create a corporate culture and ensure employee commitment and involvement. Don’t be afraid to tell your story, share your values on social media, and most importantly, remember to stay true to your values and apply them on a daily basis.

Create an optimal working environment

To ensure the well-being of your team, it is essential to provide a positive work environment to allow them to accomplish their tasks with peace of mind. Creating a space that is both peaceful and conducive to sharing fosters team spirit and improves productivity.

Here are some ideas to improve your workplace: 

  • Use the help of a professional decorator;
  • Add plants in different corners of the office;
  • Invest in the necessary technological tools;
  • Create spaces for relaxation;
  • Etc.

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Team building services

If you wish to reinforce your employer brand, organizing team building activities is one of the best practices to promote team spirit and motivate employees. Kronos Expérience offers customized team building services according to your company’s needs.

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