Halloween team building activities for the workplace

Activités de team building d'Halloween

Halloween, the spookiest day of the year, is the ideal time to find creative ways to promote workplace harmony and team spirit. After all, it is a popular holiday for many individuals and was created specifically to derive enjoyment from thrills and chills. In this article, we share a great Halloween team-building ideas to help you organize a successful in-person or virtual event. 

6 virtual team building ideas for remote teams this Halloween  

Costume contest

The most popular and trendy virtual Halloween activity you can organize is a theme-based costume contest. All you have to do is set a theme and urge the staff to create their best costumes within the context of your theme. This will give them a chance to express themselves creatively. In turn, this will foster motivation and improve performance.

The contest can be held via video conference and can involve a series of categories, with a winner for each. To ensure a fair and balanced contest, ask your staff to vote in each category. Present your winners with gift cards after all the votes have been counted.

Virtual scavenger hunt

These virtual versions of real-world spooky scavenger hunts incorporate online haunted locations and spine-tingling tales. Together with your co-workers, you will virtually explore haunted locations via websites, virtual tours, and game apps. You can visit the peculiar Winchester Mystery House, step onto the Queen Mary, which is surprisingly dangerous, or learn more about the Tower of London’s horrible past.

Decorate the workspace

Due to the emergence of remote work, you can miss out on designing your workspace. However, there is a fix for this. You can invite your staff to personalize their remote workspaces around an inviting theme. Employees can enjoy themselves and unwind as a result. It will make it easier for them to appreciate the process of dressing up their workspace. Additionally, you may make it a competition and provide gift baskets to the workers who have the scariest decorations.

How to break the isolation of employees working from home

Host games with a Halloween theme

Halloween is about witches and wizards and when we think of them, Gandalf and Harry Potter, two well-known characters, spring to mind. You can compile a list of games that are easy to organize and manage virtually. Make sure these virtual activities are both easy to understand and enjoyable to play.

Here are some virtual ideas for team-building Halloween games:

  • Virtual murder mystery games
  • Virtual crime scene investigation
  • Halloween-themed knowledge tests

The goal of such virtual experiences is to improve communication, foster strong interpersonal relationships, and promote a healthy workplace culture. Additionally, when there is a fun factor, employees are more likely to indulge. This adds interest and makes for effective team-building exercises.

Make a creepy playlist

Every occasion should have music and even Halloween can come off as a little boring without a playlist. Besides, music can be a means through which the spookiness of this event is enhanced. Sharing or creating a playlist with the help of staff members can pave the way for a ton of Halloween fun. Each employee can choose their favorite unsettling song as a suggestion for the playlist! 

Virtual entertainment

Planning a virtual entertainment event can be a great way to infuse a bit of Halloween spirit in your remote employees. Here are some ideas to inspire you: 

  • Organize a virtual escape room that is Halloween themed
  • Hire a DJ to provide a fun musical evening
  • Set up spooky storytelling events 
  • Book a magician 
  • Organize live readings of tarot cards
  • Incorporate a variety of online Halloween games

Best 11 virtual team building activities

6 in-person Halloween team building activities for the workplace

Throw a Halloween celebration

You can simply celebrate Halloween at work, the traditional way. Bobbing for apples, making a mummy out of toilet paper rolls, making your way out of a spider web maze, and pinning a smile on a Jack-o-Lantern are a few possible Halloween party game ideas. Halloween party themes don’t have to be complicated or outlandish to be enjoyable. Giving your team members a chance to relax a little and get to know one another casually is key to fostering team bonding.

Organize a costume parade

Adulthood does not mean that we cannot enjoy costumes. Obviously, it’s best to make costume events optional because not everyone will feel comfortable dressing up. However, you can offer prizes and awards for the most imaginative DIY costume or the scariest costume. Inviting your team members to come to work in a Halloween costume that’s appropriate for a professional work environment setting is always a good idea.

Organize a fall-themed potluck

Even though Halloween isn’t known for large feasts like Thanksgiving is, it occurs during the fall harvest season, a time of year when food unites people. You can therefore plan a potluck for your office or even a catered lunch so that everyone may eat together. 

It’s important to plan well in order to ensure that no two people bring the same dish. You can create a sign-up page for volunteers to prepare different components of the meal. Make sure to include drinks, silverware, plates, and napkins as options for people who don’t cook. 

Host a candy swap

Halloween is the holiday of candy. Numerous individuals who make preparations for trick-or-treaters wind up with bags of candy the following morning. In a similar vein, parents who find that their kids’ pillowcases are stuffed with sugar must find a quick way to get rid of part of it. 

The day following Halloween, host a candy exchange. Bring some candy bowls in and set them up around the workplace. Invite everyone to swap Halloween treats and have fun. After all, Halloween goodies ought to be available to adults as well.

The prophecy

We’ve just learned that a dreadful prophecy concerning your business is soon to come true. Misfortune, catastrophe, and bad luck are all part of the celestial plan for your organization. Fortunately, there is reason to be optimistic. A possibility of a better future is emerging from the depths. But at what price? Will you be able to go past your reservations and agree to horrific occult rites in order to salvage your company?

Get your team set for an unforgettable team building experience. To break the dreadful curse that threatens to destroy your business, your employees will need to cooperate. You could perhaps avert the dreadful fate that awaits your company by assembling all your employees in a location determined by the alignment of the stars. You’ll have to overcome several obstacles to accomplish this. Change the card predictions and rewrite your future together.

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Create a spooky Friday event

The movie Freaky Friday is about two people waking up in each other’s bodies. Set up your own Freaky Friday if you want to have some fun. Encourage participants to sign up to move desks for the day and experience a different environment. You might even require folks to learn more about the position of the person they are trading places with. 

Invite them to attend meetings and participate in brainstorming sessions. This is a terrific way to enable workers to gain a larger perspective of their work and foster relationships amongst teams. Plus, it’s pleasant for them to occasionally experience a change of scenery.

Why should you encourage workers to have fun in the office?

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