Funny scavenger hunt ideas for adults

Idées de chasse au trésor pour adultes

Ideas for fun scavenger hunts incorporate activities or item-finding games that test players’ abilities. Office scavenger hunts, travel scavenger hunts, beach scavenger hunts, and art scavenger hunts are a few examples of such activities for adults. Adults can develop critical thinking by participating in scavenger hunt activities. Plus, they promote teamwork and social interaction. Some scavenger hunts can also serve as a fun form of physical activity. 

Can scavenger hunts serve a useful purpose?

A scavenger hunt can be a great team-building activity. It can help remote teams interact and forge deeper bonds and better working relationships in today’s business world, when workers desire greater involvement and a better company culture. A number of companies even organize virtual scavenger hunt activities for corporate teams. 

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What is the difference between a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is a fun activity where participants must complete various tasks or challenges from a predetermined list, while collecting various items. Although similar, a treasure hunt usually requires participants to uncover each clue individually. Each clue points to the next one, and so on, until the treasure is eventually discovered.

What do scavenger hunts involve?

Below are some of the things you need to do while planning a scavenger hunt:

  • List the things you need to find, hear, or do. Make a list with words, numbers, and images.
  • Put a time limit on achieving your objective (optional).
  • Give the list to the participants, then let them scour the area to carry out everything on their list as instructed.
  • The person or team that completes their entire list first or crosses off the greatest number of items before the allotted time is up, wins.

Scavenger hunts don’t have to be competitive or time-limited. They can also be versatile, meaning you can have a scavenger hunt on just about any theme and involving all sorts of items. Because so many people now work remotely, virtual hunts are growing in popularity.

The benefits of scavenger hunts

Inculcates team spirit

A scavenger hunt is a team-based activity that necessitates teamwork in order to solve puzzles and cooperate with one another in order to succeed. Scavenger hunts need team members to work well together and take the initiative to guide their group in completing their challenge in the allotted time. 

Encourages “beyond the box” thinking

Hosting a scavenger hunt allows teams to explore and come up with creative solutions to the clues that they have been given in order to locate hidden locations or objects. This encourages them to consider unconventional solutions to problems and drive them to tap into their imagination and creativity.

Promotes open communication

Scavenger hunts are a surefire way of promoting open communication and sowing the seeds for a more cohesive workplace. They offer opportunities for team members to focus their thoughts and words on generating communications that are focused on achieving the team’s objective within the allocated time. Such an experience can provide participants with a template or blueprint for how they might communicate in the workplace.

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How do you run a scavenger hunt for adults?

Scavenger hunts were traditionally managed using a pen and paper. Thankfully, there are now platforms and tools available that make it simple to build, plan, and manage. With features like images, movies, GPS, QR codes, quizzes, notifications, and more, participant engagement can now be taken to a new level. Alternatively, you can hire a company to plan and manage your scavenger hunt.

Best scavenger hunt ideas for adults

Adult scavenger hunts can revolve around a whole host of topics and themes. Typically, they are designed to be more challenging than their kid-friendly counterparts. In addition, the experience can be enhanced through the use of technology. Below is a list of scavenger hunt ideas for adults:

Virtual Office Scavenger Hunt

Virtual work environments can create a separation between workers which can lead to conflict or decreased productivity. A virtual office scavenger hunt entails looking around the house or neighborhood for objects. Ask the participants to share the items they find, once they’ve located them using web-based collaboration tools such as Zoom.

One of the great online scavenger hunt concepts designed to inspire teams during online meetings or afternoon slumps is the virtual quest. Such activities enhance employee creativity and foster a sense of community among coworkers, who may be geographically separated.

Another great digital scavenger hunt idea is Operation UV. This scavenger hunt game is played online by employees from their homes. Played over a duration of two-and-a-half hours, it is conducted over Zoom. In Operation UV, your business is chosen among many others from around the world to take part in a groundbreaking investigation into solar particles that could provide you with superhuman abilities.

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Group scavenger hunt

This type of hunt involves dividing the participants into teams rather than sending them off to complete their mission individually. This can be a lot of fun and doesn’t necessitate many rule changes. Also, if you use team-oriented clues and items, you can be more inventive.

There are many ways to liven up a team scavenger hunt. Here are some suggestions:

  • Take a picture of the two team members in front of a well-known structure.
  • Pause, and get a coffee. If you want to take a group photo, ask the barista.
  • Bring up TikTok and record a video of yourself recreating the first dance you see there. Only one team member may record; the others must perform.

Corporate-themed scavenger hunts

Currently, teamwork and engagement are hot topics of discussion in the corporate world. Whether your team is in-house or remote, scavenger hunts are a fun way to test your employees’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. These hunts can be centered around work-related themes. You can enhance your team building activities by hiring an expert corporate scavenger hunt company.

Outdoor scavenger hunts

An outdoor scavenger hunt can be a great opportunity to step outside and breathe some fresh air. You may also use clues that you find outside or bury them there as part of the quest. All in all, it’s a great way to experience a moment of adventure.

Art scavenger hunts

The group can go to a museum or an art gallery for this activity. You can create entertaining and instructive prompts. Together with your team, you can arrange a virtual art tour to view and debate various works of art. Make sure that the location permits guests to take photos, if you are physically visiting an art gallery.

Christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas is a time for togetherness and having fun. A Christmas scavenger hunt can therefore be a fun way to trade or hide gifts throughout the holiday season, or even just to pass the time. You can also look for Christmas-related objects or use holiday-themed hints.

In addition, you can participate in specialized Christmas-themed team-building games with scavenger hunt elements, such as The Recruits. A corporate exercise that’s perfect for your office Christmas party, this activity requires you and your colleagues to band together to save Christmas.

Nature scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts in nature can be exciting for adults. The hunt can take place in participants’ backyards, while they are hiking together, or at a wildlife sanctuary. If you provide scavenger hunt clues for adults, your nature hunt will increase the excitement of the exercise. For example, players can discover objects through their sense of sound or smell. 

These exercises can help emphasize the importance of conservation. Participants can learn to be excited about different animals and trees. Your team can play a role in protecting the environment by collecting trash from nature and disposing of it safely, while having fun. Make sure you follow safety procedures before participating in an environmental scavenger hunt.

Hire a scavenger hunt company

While you can easily plan and manage a scavenger hunt by yourself, hiring a company that specializes in team building activities can take your event to the next level. At Kronos Experience, we are committed to conceiving and designing unforgettable participative experiences, including scavenger hunts. By operating at the intersection of innovation and technology, we have been able to create ground-breaking digital scavenger hunt experiences such as Operation UV

We distinguish ourselves through the artistic, professional, and rigorous quality of our services and offerings. Our scavenger hunts are designed to promote participation, cohesion, and communication, and to nurture community spirit and teamwork. Our team is passionate about ensuring that you enjoy the ultimate scavenger hunt experience.

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