Best way to team build in covid times

Way to team build in covid times

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the whole paradigm of our workspace. There have been huge changes in every organization’s day-to-day operations, as many employees transitioned to working from home. Having remote teams is different from working collectively from a single office. Regardless of all the advancements in technology, working online for extended periods can often impact the synergy between remote employees.

While most people thought the COVID-19 crisis would be over soon, now it is safe to say that we are still living through it with incoming waves of new variants. Covid is taking a toll on the world economy and leading to a lot of work stress. This is because online work creates a communication gap, and thus, functioning bonds among colleagues are compromised.

It is crucial to take appropriate measures to bolster employee engagement. The social distancing that followed the pandemic led to disconnection among coworkers and their teams which, in turn, affected the work environment and production.

Thankfully, virtual team-building activities are a good way out of this. Even if you consider the time and distance restraint, fun team-building activities are now more vital than ever. For example, virtual happy hours can increase engagement and boost work productivity. In this article, we tell you the best way to team-build in the Covid era.

What is virtual team building?

Virtual team building or remote team building implies that the team building activity takes place during an online meeting. It’s a moment to strengthen the bond between remote coworkers. This practice is optimal given the COVID-19 crisis.

You are probably familiar with the term team building since school, when you had to work in groups to fulfill a specific task, complete a challenge or win a competitive game. It helps people acknowledge the importance of teamwork and get to know their teammates better. Team-building activities also enable people to identify their weak points.

Virtual team building is a series of activities that enable employees to grow, unite, and establish trust among them. Such activities aid in the growth of a bond essential to achieving a great workforce. 

 Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Why are team-building activities important?

Team building activities are important since they are instrumental to create a healthy work culture. Fun team-building activities break the routine and acknowledge that you care about the well-being of your employees. Team building exercises can:

  • Bolster morale
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Boost productivity
  • Build work relationships

Bolster Morale

Expecting employees to meet work goals round the clock may lead to disinterest and exhaustion. As a result, the team leaders should organize remote team-building activities such as group conversations, virtual chats, creative sessions, impromptu events, and much more to motivate the staff and boost engagement. Team-building activities make employees feel appreciated and noticed.

Encourage Teamwork

Since most work operations are interrelated and require collaboration among personnel, enterprises cannot function without the joint contributions of the whole team. It is simpler for the staff to collaborate in a physical work setting. While the staff is working online, aligning the team with a project’s development becomes more difficult.

Thankfully, virtual team-building activities are a great solution to this problem. They allow employees to keep in touch with peers and encourage them to collaborate. They also make the personnel aware of each other’s strengths and limitations, allowing them to cooperate and perform tasks based on their expertise.

Boost productivity

Since team-building activities promote communication, new circuits of information may emerge between your employees that accelerate the standard operating procedures at work. Coworkers tend to work more synergically when they have gotten to know who is in their team. Since everyone gets to learn everyone’s expertise, it allows them to make full use of the resources around them, and ultimately boost productivity.

Build Work Relationships

Organizations may use virtual team-building activities to foster meaningful interactions and bonds across globally dispersed teams. It introduces remote workers to innovative working methods through various platforms, procedures, and technology.

Best 11 Virtual Team Building Activities

Fun Remote Team Building Activities in Covid Times

Remote team-building activities in Covid times require a little more imagination. Here are popular team-building activities during covid:

  1. Virtual happy hours
  2. Cooking classes
  3. Incentives
  4. Book clubs
  5. Online workout / yoga classes
  6. Game night
  7. Movie night
  8. Virtual workshop
  9. Online karaoke
  10.  Team-building services

Why Team Building & Teamwork Go Hand In Hand

1. Virtual Happy Hours

Employee involvement does not always have to be about work. The most effective employee communication takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone can get to interact with each other beyond professional boundaries. Team leaders can gather everyone thanks to video conferencing tools for casual chit-chatting while enjoying their favorite beverage.

2. Cooking Classes

This is definitely a great team-building activity! As the majority of individuals have a favorite go-to dish, you can have your entire team take turns teaching their coworkers how to prepare their preferred cuisine and then afterward conduct a competition.

If you want to raise the stakes, give each employee a little shopping allowance to assist them in purchasing all of the ingredients they’ll require for cooking. It is one of the most healthy ways to team build in Covid times but, to ensure that no one is left behind, make sure you check in with everyone regarding nutritional concerns.

3. Incentives

The best way to team build in Covid times is through giving incentives and rewards. Team leaders can distribute awards among the high-performing staff to show appreciation. The employee of the month, group star, and other recognitions can increase employee enthusiasm and push others to work above their standard output.

4. Book Clubs

Book clubs are a great way of promoting interpersonal exchanges between remote employees. These weekly events can often give the push certain readers need to finish a book, while it also creates a platform to discuss the themes and content of the book. These clubs that unite individuals through mutual interest are great team-building activities.

5. Online Workout / Yoga Classes

A healthy workout session may have a positive impact on everyone’s mood. You can take a little break from your workplace to participate in a virtual yoga or gym session with your colleagues. The employees can lead a session one by one every day, or everyone can pitch in for a professional online exercise class.

6. Game Night

Choose games with obstacles that require you to collaborate to succeed. Keep it as challenging as possible to ensure everybody is looking forward to the night where they can exhibit their excellent teamwork. Perhaps praise or credit the winning teams.

There are many online games you can play as a team-building activity. Here are some of them:

  1. Online Pictionary
  2. Video chat and games Houseparty
  3. Spot the imposter
  4. Jackbox games
  5. Truth or Dare
  6. Online Board Games
  7. Online Bingo

7. Movie night

Have you ever heard about Teleparty? If not, you are in for a ride. It’s somewhat similar to Zoom but works for watching movies, documentaries, TV series, and whatnot with your friends, colleagues, family, or whoever you want. Teleparty is a browser plugin that allows you to watch Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO with others in real-time. With it, you can enjoy a movie night in sync with your fellow co-workers from any part of the world.

8. Virtual Workshop

Depending on the remote teams with which you work, sometimes team leaders must adapt team-building activities to more serious and professional work events. For example, if you know for a fact that your employees are not interested in doing non-work-related activities, having a figure of authority in a field give a webinar on a particular subject could be an alternative.

9. Online Karaoke

Many businesses that went completely remote since Covid have been searching for exciting online activities. Hosting a virtual karaoke party is an excellent remote team-building activity!

10. Team-Building Services

Kronos XP’s virtual team-building activities are designed to bring teams together. The Missing Player, Operation UV, and The Recruits are some of our amazing team-building activities that will be appreciated by all.

All our team-building experiences include:

  • A web page dedicated to your event which includes a word from your management, a teaser video of the experience they’re about to live, a list of the competing teams, and all the logistical information that you and your team need for the event;
  • Rental of the virtual studio;
  • Services of a facilitator, a technician and a video editor;
  • ZOOM connection;
  • Mobile application fees;
  • A souvenir video including the best moments of your event.

Several businesses are contemplating remote work culture as a permanent option in the post-pandemic environment. Individuals can save a lot of time traveling, and companies can save money on property, and workplace expenditures. This is why team leaders need Kronos for fun team-building activities that break the isolation that is felt by remote employees.

Team-building activities are conducive to innovation given that they facilitate communication and cooperation. Employees across geographical borders can finally get to know with whom they are working. By following any of the above ways to team build in Covid times, you can ensure a healthy virtual working atmosphere and construct a pathway toward success.

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