Best applications to create team building activities

applications pour créer des activités de team building

Today, team building activities have become a must to develop a strong corporate culture. In this article, we reveal the best applications to create team building activities, including Loquiz which offers creative and innovative ideas for activities. 

What are the best mobile applications for creating team building activities?


Loquiz is a gamification platform that can be used for team building activities, audio tours, indoor and outdoor experiences or educational custom games. The current trend is to organize hybrid events where players are located in different places and communicate through a video call. 

Loquiz allows you to create rich content that adapts to the needs of your customers while offering attractive game ideas. It’s easy and convenient to use, and you can use the templates provided by the application to create your own concept. Loquiz relies heavily on its creative community to constantly innovate.


Kahoot is a platform that offers team building games and quizzes that you can play with your team. This application offers you the possibility to use the games already on the system or to create, in a quick and easy way, your own online quiz. Access to the game is done by simply sharing the URL and code to all team members who wish to participate.

Kahoot’s quizzes are made up of questions with multiple-choice answers and a limited time to answer. This fun and dynamic interface can be used for team building activities for remote teams. Kahoot aims to strengthen team spirit and stimulate the involvement of all members.

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Quizizz is a platform that provides its users with more than one million quizzes. These games can be downloaded or modified to suit your needs. You will find quizzes in various fields and sectors of activity that are easy to use, whether it is for team buildings in companies or for teachers at school. The application allows users to upload questions from a quiz to create a new one based on the ones on the platform. 


Sporcle is a trivia and quiz platform for physical, virtual or hybrid events. With a community that gathers more than 15,000 people per week around the events of this application, you will be amazed by the number of quizzes that are played every day. Innovative, special and diversified, Sporcle offers fun, original and challenging games.

From virtual games and team meetings on Zoom to private events, this platform has managed to combine the useful with the pleasant in order to create stimulating entertainment activities and make knowledge accessible to everyone. Whatever the theme of your team building, you will find games that meet your needs.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a platform that promotes hybrid work by providing a virtual workspace animated with surveys, quizzes, polls and Q&A. Ideal for team building activities, this application stimulates interaction and allows you to instantly see employee feedback and measure their level of engagement.

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How to organize a team building activity?

Define team building objectives

  • Integrate new recruits;
  • Solve problems and better manage a crisis;
  • Announce and accompany a change;
  • Improve collective skills;
  • Optimize teamwork;
  • Bring employees together and boost communication between different sectors;
  • Motivate the team;
  • Stimulate creativity and develop new knowledge;
  • Etc.

Know the expectations and needs of your team 

Before starting to organize a team building activity, it is important to know your team members well in order to adapt the program to their needs. If your team is mainly composed of young adults, you can organize a sports challenge or a scavenger hunt, which requires a good physical condition. If the majority of your employees are telecommuters, opt instead for a digital challenge or games and animations on Zoom to ensure everyone’s presence.

Why is a scavenger hunt good for team building?

Opt for an original touch 

To ensure the involvement of your team members and to arouse their curiosity, it is important to choose an activity that is both adapted and innovative. This touch of originality serves to encourage employee involvement, capture their attention and facilitate the achievement of your objectives. A fun, unpredictable and stimulating activity creates excitement and encourages creativity within the team.

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Plan the course of the activity 

When planning your activity, remember that it is all about team building, improving communication and fostering a better symbiosis. Therefore, include a debriefing part of the team building to allow all participants to give feedback and express their opinions. This will allow you to learn from their criticism and organize better team building activities in the future.

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Follow up on the team building 

In order to receive constructive feedback and use it wisely, we advise you to : 

  • Orient team members through clarifications regarding the purpose of the activity and its impact on the work;
  • To clarify the current problems of the company;
  • Listening to solutions for improvement;
  • Take the time to evaluate the impact of the team building on all participants;
  • Organize activities on a regular basis. 

Contact an agency specialized in team building

Our last advice would be to know how to delegate these tasks if you don’t know how to do it or if you lack time to prepare attractive activities. At KRONOS Experience, we are aware of the importance of team building, and we know that its organization requires time, reflection and adequate follow-up to ensure its success.

Our team pays meticulous attention to all the details, ensuring a professional quality and a friendly atmosphere, in order to offer an immersive experience to all participants. We rely on the commitment of all team members, and we accompany you before, during and even after the team building activity to ensure the success of the event.

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Team building services

Kronos Expérience offers you a support during all the steps of the coordination of your team building activity. We put at your disposal a virtual tool, which we take care to personalize according to your needs, in order to facilitate the communication between all the members of your team. Our team makes sure to stimulate the curiosity of all participants during the 2 weeks preceding the team building activity in order to arouse their interest and increase their motivation. 

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