Benefits of charity-based team building

Charity based team building

Team building is a great way to ensure your employees develop healthy relationships with each other that foster a positive working environment. However, it is not always easy getting your employees to enthusiastically attend a team building event.

As team building activities are often held outside of working hours, many individuals see it as a burden to attend and fail to see the multitude of benefits it affords the entire team and company. So, the question is, how can you implement a team building event that your team members will want to partake in?

A brilliant way to improve engagement in team building activities is to organize a team building event for a cause. Charity team building activities have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years thanks to websites such as GoFundMe. To help you learn more about running a charitable team building event, we have created this guide to talk you through the ins and outs of team building for a cause.

H2: What is charitable team building?

Charitable team building is a form of team building that gives back to a group of people or causes of interest. Instead of having your team work together to achieve trivial goals that are not tangible in the real world, a charitable team building event has your employees work together for a common cause.

Although these events are aimed toward a charitable contribution, your employees are partaking in similar fun challenges that test their problem-solving skills, and creative thinking, while fostering relationships as would any other team building exercise. The activities themselves do not differ greatly from traditional team building activities, the only difference is that there is a donation to a charitable organization at the end.

For instance, you could ask your employees to participate in a food raising contest that will go to a local food bank. The team building twist would be that for a whole week the cans and food brought by employees of different departments shall be used to build a structure for each respective department. In the end, managers can vote on the best structure based on the aesthetic and sheer amount of donations accumulated.

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H2: Why is charity-based team building important? 

It is important to give back to your community, which is true on an individual basis, but even more so when you are a business operating within communities. Regardless of whether or not you work with local communities, charity-based team building proves that you value the well-being of the collective and their initiatives.

Although supporting local charities is important, it is equally admirable to support those bigger charities which work on national and international scales. Again, it is important to give back to those who are in need, as you recognize your privilege as a successful company. You want your business’s legacy to be a positive one, and donating to charities will allow you to establish yourself as an ethical company.

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H2: What are the benefits of charitable team building?

There are a huge array of benefits to charitable team building:

  • Support a cause
  • Boost morale
  • Impact on the charitable organization
  • Traditional team building benefits

H2: Support a cause

One of the best things about charity team building is that it is completely customizable. You can choose to support the organization you wish, possibly even choosing to help multiple organizations if each team gets to pick their own. 

Simply selecting the charitable organization as a group will get the ball rolling and make this a bonding moment among colleagues. Having employees pick the organization that will be receiving their contribution gives them agency and makes them more inclined to engage in the charity and philanthropic team building activity you are setting up for them.

H2: Boosts morale

A charitable team building event boosts morale far more than a normal team building event because team members leave feeling fulfilled and proud of themselves for contributing to society in a meaningful way. 

Although it is your team that is giving back, they are also getting something in return, a morale boost as they feel good about themselves and where they work for helping the organization of their choice. When morale is boosted, teams are invigorated and are more likely to put additional effort into their work. Team building activities have the power to make people consider the possibilities that exist when working together for a common cause.

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H2: Impact on the charitable organization

In addition to helping your team members and your business, charitable team events also positively impact the chosen organization, which is a key benefit. As we have already highlighted, it is important for companies to give back and to be implicated in their local community or even internationally. What is great about these initiatives is that other companies will recognize and mimic your accomplishment, resulting in a net increase in donations.

Charity team building programs will often liaise with the organization to find out exactly what it is that they need. Therefore, if they need money, you can organize a fundraiser within your team building activities, whereas if they need food donations, you can incorporate that into fun challenges to raise donations.

H2: Traditional team building benefits

Charitable team building also provides all of the amazing benefits that regular team building entails. You will encourage employees to engage with one another in a non-work-related activity which will improve your employees’ rapport. They will communicate, and be involved in problem-solving and creative thinking to coordinate their efforts to champion a cause.

By encouraging a healthy and positive working environment through fun challenges, you will also be improving communication skills, productivity, and the overall mental health of your employees. Employers should therefore always implement team building events into their work calendar to promote happy employees and positive work culture.

H2: Organize a team building event

The benefits of team building are evident, but how exactly do you go about organizing a team building event? Here at KronosExperience, we understand that business owners do not always have the time to create fun and engaging team building experiences for their employees, which is where we come in.

We are a team building company that provides businesses and organizations with a turn-key team building experience. We understand the need to be creative when it comes to team building activities, which is why we think outside of the box. We don’t offer you the traditional games in the woods, we offer a digital, immersive, and exciting team building experience.

As our activities are compatible to take place online, it caters to the 21st-century virtual worker and remote team, meaning everyone can get involved, no matter where they are. You can choose from three different virtual team building games. 

Our immersive activities build up for a few weeks before the actual event, ensuring your employees are eager to play the actual game because of the anticipation. We offer an original experience that you will not find anywhere else. If you want to make it a charity and philanthropic team building experience for all, our experts will know how to adapt it to your needs!

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