Alternatives to the photobooth

Discover captivating alternatives to the photobooth for memorable team buildings and creatively strengthen team cohesion!

In today’s increasingly dynamic business world, team cohesion is an essential pillar of corporate success. Team-building activities have become essential for strengthening bonds between employees, encouraging collaboration and stimulating creativity within teams. Among these activities, the photobooth has long been popular as a playful tool for immortalizing moments of sharing and good humor. However, it’s time to think outside the box and explore new alternatives to the photobooth.

In this article, we explore a range of innovative ideas for team building activities, focusing on creative, interactive alternatives that emphasize teamwork, communication and problem-solving. These alternatives offer companies the opportunity to break routine, foster a positive working environment, and strengthen bonds between team members.

What is a photobooth?

A photobooth, also known as a photo booth or automatic photo studio, is an interactive device that allows individuals to take photos of themselves, alone or in a group, using an automatic camera. This fun and entertaining concept first appeared in the 1920s, with traditional photo booths installed in public places such as railway stations, shopping malls and amusement parks. 

However, it’s been in recent decades that the photobooth has enjoyed a meteoric renaissance, becoming a staple of social events and corporate festivities. Photobooths are popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, it offers a fun, relaxed way to capture group memories at special events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, trade fairs and shows. 

What’s more, the photobooth has become a powerful marketing tool for companies. By personalizing photos with their logo and messages, brands can create a memorable, interactive brand experience for their employees at promotional events. Photos taken in the photobooth are often shared on social networks, helping to increase brand visibility and generate positive engagement with the public.

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How does a photobooth work?

Photobooth operation is simple and user-friendly. Users enter the booth, where a camera is usually mounted on a tripod to capture the shots. Some modern versions even allow customization of backgrounds and props, adding a touch of whimsy and creativity to the photos. Often, a screen inside the booth guides participants through the process, telling them when to get ready for the photo and how many poses will be taken.

Although there are different versions of photobooths with different features, the basic operation remains fairly similar.

  • Entering the booth: Participants enter the photobooth booth, which can vary in size and style. Some photobooths are small, enclosed booths, offering privacy to users, while others are open, allowing spectators to watch the live shots. 
  • Setup and preparation: Inside the booth, there’s usually a screen to guide participants through the process. Before the shoot, users can often see a preview of themselves on the screen, which helps them prepare for the photo. Some versions of photobooths also allow users to choose customization options, such as backgrounds, filters or digital accessories, to add a fun and creative touch to photos.
  • Shooting: Once the participants are ready, the automatic camera captures the photos. Typically, a sequence of several shots is taken in bursts, capturing different moments and expressions. Users can indulge in spontaneity and fun, often using funny and original props.
  • Printing and sharing: After the photo has been taken, it is usually printed within seconds, giving participants a tangible souvenir of the event. In some versions of photobooths, users can choose to receive their photos by e-mail or share them directly on social networks. This online sharing option has become increasingly popular, enabling participants to easily share their memories with friends and family, as well as promoting the event or brand if the photobooth is used for marketing purposes.

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What are the best alternatives to the photobooth?

When it comes to finding innovative and captivating alternatives to the traditional photobooth, there are a myriad of options that can transform your team building activities or social events into unforgettable experiences. Here are some of the best alternatives to the photobooth that are sure to generate enthusiasm and strengthen team cohesion:

Safari Cocktail 

This innovative alternative combines the fun of a safari game with the magic of augmented reality. Participants are launched on an adventure of a series of stimulating challenges that encourage interaction with other collaborators. Throughout the activity, augmented reality videos and photos accumulate to create a spectacular result that can be projected onto a large screen.

The Safari Cocktail is a unique experience halfway between an ice-breaker and a photobooth, offering an extraordinary human adventure. This stimulating and immersive approach to team building enhances collaboration, communication and teamwork, while creating unique and unforgettable memories.

What really sets Safari Cocktail apart, however, is the end result: an augmented reality photo slideshow that captures every precious moment of the activity. Thanks to this touch of digital magic, your memories come to life with captivating, interactive effects, creating a memorable and entertaining experience for all participants. 

Bullet Time 360

Bullet Time 360 is a photobooth alternative that offers a unique experience using a set of cameras arranged in a circle around the participants. The cameras simultaneously capture images from different angles, creating a 360-degree slow-motion effect. Participants can move, jump or perform synchronized movements, resulting in stunning, dynamic photos that freeze magical moments in time.

The frieze 

This creative idea transforms the static shot into a sequence of images capturing a story or action. Participants move in front of a series of cameras arranged in a line, and each camera takes a photo at a precise moment. This makes it possible to bring together ten or even a thousand people in a single photo or video. When all the photos are placed end-to-end, they form a “frieze” that tells a visual story, be it a dance, a jump, or a series of synchronized actions.

Vogue Booth

If you’re looking for a glamorous, upscale alternative to the photobooth, the Vogue Booth is an excellent choice. Inspired by fashion shoots, it features professional lighting, an elegant backdrop and fashion accessories to make participants feel like real models or stars. This creates an elegant and sophisticated shooting experience, perfect for special evenings.

Light Painting Video 

This alternative merges photography and video to produce breathtaking images. Participants use light sources, such as colored LED lamps or light pens, to draw patterns or messages in the air as they move. The camera records each light movement, creating unique and artistic videos that capture the dynamism and creativity of the participants.

Gravity Booth 

For a fun, out-of-the-ordinary photobooth experience, the Gravity Booth is a great option. Participants take photos in an upside-down set, giving the illusion of being suspended in mid-air or floating in space. This original alternative adds a touch of adventure and fantasy to the shoot, creating photos that are truly out of the ordinary.

By exploring these alternatives to the photobooth, you can transform your events into unique, personalized experiences that will delight your participants and strengthen the bonds between your team members. Whether you opt for spectacular visual effects, creative photo sequences or thrilling adventures, these innovative ideas will enable you to think outside the box and offer moments of sharing and good humor to all participants.

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Kronos Experience’s Safari Cocktail is much more than just a team-building activity. Part icebreaker, part safari adventure, part photobooth, this extraordinary experience takes you on an unforgettable journey to discover the rare species that lie dormant among your colleagues. It’s an opportunity to strengthen bonds within your team, foster communication and collaboration, and share moments of fun and complicity.

The augmented reality videos and photos that build up over the course of the adventure add a touch of magic to the experience, allowing captured moments to be broadcast on the big screen, for memories that will last a lifetime. With Safari Cocktail, Kronos Experience offers an innovative and entertaining approach to team building. 

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